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Alumni Survey Results

CIPER recently conducted its first alumni survey of its recent graduates seeking feedback on the program and their readiness for practice pertaining to interprofessional skills.

167 students responded to the online survey with representation from all health professional programs from students who had participated (and finished) CIPER’s Passport program.

This included graduates from 2018-2021 from:

CIPER graduates from 2018-2021


Key Results

CIPER key results

Qualitative Comments Highlighting Student Perceptions

  • “I didn't think interprofessional collaboration would be as important as taught. I was very wrong, it is incredibly important to be an advocate for your role/expertise, understand key players roles, and manage conflict in a team.”
  • “Team based interprofessional collaboration has been built into hospitals and clinics more than I expected already.”
  • “I think as a student I thought that physicians would know more and care more about other health care professionals because of how well Creighton’s med students seemed to understand other health professions, but this wasn’t exactly the case.”

Students were also asked to give feedback on:

  • The most meaningful ways they learned interprofessional skills and
  • To rate activities based on what was most meaningful to learning collaborative practice.

This data will be used by CIPER in continuing to enhance and develop additional interprofessional offerings through our health professional programs.

For more information please contact Dr. Jennifer Jessen at, Executive Director, CIPER.


Stat 1,036

students completed IPE 500

Stat 96

passport activities

Stat 4,000+

Passport stamps awarded

Stat 1,049

students completed over 4 activities


Types of Activities in the Passport

Activity CategoryOmaha CampusPhoenix CampusVirtually Hosted
Didactic5 20
Community Engagement1613
Case Study3 6
Health Humanities  3