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Freqently Asked Questions

Who should attend?

These sessions are open to students whose parents have never completed a four-year degree at an American accredited institution of higher education as well as underrepresented in medicine (URM), underserved (rural), Latinx, and Native American students. We also invite all women interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Allies in diversity and inclusion are welcome. If you are questioning whether you are eligible for the program and would like to attend, please reach out to us at

How can I apply?

Applications are available on our webpage! Letters of recommendation can be submitted via Qualtrics form online or emailed to

Do parents need to attend?

At least one parent or legal guardian must be in attendance during the session. Parents or legal guardians will participate in a separate parent program. If this is an issue, please email and we can discuss an alternative.

What does a typical MMS day look like?

It is a weekend one-day event that happens from morning to early afternoon. The students spend this time doing hands-on activities or listening to presentations that allow them to explore the sciences, the human body, and careers in medicine. The concurrent parent sessions focus on education, logistics, and career pathways.

How does the longitudinal mentorship program work?

Students are paired with a current medical student who they will meet on the day of MMS. This person acts as a long-term mentor and contact for them as they navigate their education and explore career paths.

Are there interpreter services available? Which languages can we offer interpretation services for?

Yes; we will work to provide interpreter services for any language necessary.

Is there a fee?

Scholarships to cover the entire $300 cost of the program are given out once we receive a letter from a school administrator or a math/science teacher in support of your attendance. The letter should be on school stationery, include your name and be signed by the teacher or administrator. This letter can be submitted via a Qualtrics form online or emailed to Jo Walton (