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Mini Medical School Program

Mini medical school students

Creighton’s Mini Medical School Program invites 4th-12th grade first-generation, rural, Native American, allies in diversity and inclusion, and underrepresented students to learn about careers in the health field and the process of applying to medical school. Students participate in a variety of interactive activities to stimulate their interest in medicine.

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Meanwhile, parents attend a parallel curriculum with presentations and panels to learn important information about college admissions, finances, and higher education so they can support their student’s academic success. Additionally, each student and family is matched with a current Creighton student who serves as the student’s “mentor.” Our medical students are excited to get to know your families and answer any questions, share resources, and discuss medical education this year and beyond.

Scholarship Program

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This a diversity, inclusion and belonging scholarship-based program. There is no cost to attend the Creighton MMS if you meet the necessary requirements for receiving a scholarship. We strongly encourage you to apply for an MMS scholarship. You must obtain a letter from a school administrator or a math/science teacher stating that you qualify for the MMS program and should be awarded a scholarship. The letter must be on school stationary, include your name, and be signed by the teacher or administrator. Please note that a parent or other responsible adult must be present with you during the entire MMS program.

Email the letter to Jo Walton ( OR upload the letter HERE. We will provide a full tuition scholarship once we receive a letter within the established deadline. Please see the FAQ section if you have further questions or contact us at

The MMS program fee of $300 can be covered for all students who are awarded a scholarship.

Who Should Attend?

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These sessions are open to students whose parents have never completed a four-year degree at an American accredited institution of higher education as well as underrepresented in medicine (URM), underserved (rural), Latinx, and Native American students. We also invite all women interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). If a student does not identify with any of the above groups, we invite him or her to participate as an ally in diversity and inclusion.

At least one parent or legal guardian must be in attendance during the session. Parents or legal guardians will participate in a separate parent program.

See the descriptions below for more information about who the sessions are designed for.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for upcoming registration dates.


Past Events

Women in Medicine & Healthcare Mini Medical School (Omaha)

Designed for Female Students in grades 4-12.

Explore insightful topics related to medical and other healthcare fields. Learn about science, anatomy, and physiology and solidify these with related physical exam skills and good clinical decision-making skills. Also, we will explore how to succeed in college, medical school, and many more.

Parents will be equipped with the knowledge to improve their health and well-being as well as learn how to best support their children in higher education.

Stay tuned for registration dates.

Undergraduate Mini Medical School (Omaha)

Designed for undergraduates interested in pursuing a career in medicine.

Learn all about the journey to medical school! There will be discussion on ways to stand out as an applicant, the financing of medical school, and what life as medical student will look like. Activities will include practicing hands-on clinical exam skills and learning from simulated medical cases just like CUSOM students experience. Receive advice from current students on what they learned through their own experiences. Most importantly, come with any questions you have about the pre-medical process.

*This event does not require attendance from a parent/guardian*

Stay tuned for registration dates.

Elementary Mini Medical School (Omaha)

Designed for elementary students in grades 4-6.

Come ready for fun and engaging demonstrations to explain basic scientific principles and medical practices to students to encourage curiosity and interest in their own health and scientific thinking. Parents will be connected with resources and information in order to better equip them with the ability to foster scientific interest in their children. Sessions will also include information on health professions and the pathways through higher education that lead to them.

Stay tuned for registration dates.

Middle School Mini Medical School (Omaha & Phoenix)

Designed for middle school students in grades 6-8.

Come learn about careers in medicine and the healthcare field! Students will learn clinical exam skills, view animal organs, and learn the physiology of the body. Parents will listen to panels and presentations by a variety of experts to learn how to best support their children in higher education.

Stay tuned for registration dates.

High School Mini Medical School (Omaha & Phoenix)

Designed for high school students in grades 9-12.

Explore topics related to science and medical careers and learn how to set yourself up for admission into competitive fields. We will explore how to identify shadowing opportunities, what classes to take in college, what extracurriculars to get involved in, what the medical school application process looks like and more. Other sessions will teach physical exam skills and provide opportunities to engage in clinical decision making.

Stay tuned for registration dates.

Mini Medical Schools (Omaha) – Español

Diseñado para estudiantes de familias de habla el español en los grados 4-12.

Únase a nosotros en una variedad de talleres diferentes, donde podrá involucrarse con temas médicos y explorar una variedad de intereses dentro del campo médico. La sesión informativa para los padres incluirá traducción al español. Los estudiantes y sus familias estarán conectados con un mentor que habla español.

Por favor, diríjase a nuestra sección de preguntas más frecuentes (FAQ) si necesita más información o puede contactarnos por correo electrónico a

Stay tuned for registration dates.


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Mini Medical School students
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