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Our anchor programs are the backbone of our Jesuit values, we develop future women and men about medicine and science so that they can take that knowledge back to their communities.

student with stethoscope listening to her dads chest

Mini Medical School

The Mini Medical School Program focuses on 4th-12th grade first-generation, rural, Native American, allies in diversity and inclusion, and underrepresented students to learn about careers in the health field and the process of applying to medical school.

Pathway Programs

These programs serve students from grade school to college to professional school by providing educational opportunities and exposure that allow diverse students to be competitive applicants for health science schools.

3 diverse students with medical gown and gloves on
image of african man with face mask, braided black woman in face mask holding stethoscope- home health care concept

Rural Medical Science Program

Rurality through Rural Doctors & School-Age Student Pathways

There are glaring healthcare disparities in rural communities.

These disparities are often challenges associated with recruiting and retaining doctors.

The problems are mirrored in the paucity of medical schools that provide rural training options. Creighton offers access to our rural pathway program for students who reside in rural areas.

Depending on the specialty rural rotations at CHI Health may also be available. The shortages in physicians reflect a decrease in students from rural areas who are enrolled in medical school.

Native American Health Program

The Office of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (ODIB) Native American Initiative (Health Prep Program) is designed to increase awareness and motivation for health careers among the Native American population in Nebraska and neighboring states.

This Health Prep Program is in its infancy stage. The goal of the program is to develop a cohort of Native American students each year with aim of increasing their success rate in gaining entrance into healthcare professional schools while developing a sense of community among the participants.

ODIB will provide academic, personal, social, and cultural support for these students throughout their journey into their respective professional schools.

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