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Auditory & Vestibular Technology Core Fee Schedule

InstrumentLocationDescriptionAssisted RateUnassisted Rate/Hour
Mass Spectrometry Instruments Measuring masses up to 25,000$35 per sample 
Thermo QExactive Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometer with Vanquish UHPLCCriss II, Lab 303Operation of mass spectrometer, setup and shutdown by trained operator without assistance  
Bruker ultrafleXtremeCriss II, Lab 303Operation of mass spectrometer, setup and shutdown$20/hr for instrument use plus $20/hr setup and shutdown 
  Use of Mass Spec software offline, for processing raw data  
Liquid Chromatography Instruments    
EASY nLC 1200 nanoflow HPLCCriss II, Lab 303Trained person to run instrument without assistance $20/hr
  Set up and shutdown of experiment. Plus extra $20 an hour for instrument use$20/hr for instrument use plus $20/hr setup and shutdown 
Electrophysiology and Molecular Biology Cores    
TDT RZ6Room 331ABR and DPOAE$40/animal$10/animal
Axon200B and DigidataRoom 331EP$40/animal$10/animal
Axon200B and DigidataRoom 331Zebrafish Microphonic Response$40/animal$10/animal
Invitrogen Qubit Flex FluorometerCriss I, 211For accurate quantitaion of DNA, RNA, and protein$10/Per Use 
Bio-Rad ChemiDoc MP Imaging SystemCriss I, 211For imaging and analyzing gels and western blots$20/Per Use 
10x GenomicsRooms 431 and 225Single-cell RNA-seq and RNAscope $50/hr

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