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Auditory & Vestibular Technology Core Fee Schedule

Existing Functional Equipment in the Auditory & Vestibular Technology Core

All users of the Core should be submitting requests after signing the Auditory & Vestibular Technology Core Terms of Use Agreement, and booking projects via the reservations system.

View our fee schedule for internal investigators below. If you are an external investigator/company wishing to use any of the facilities or services provided by the AVT Core, please contact a member of the core facility staff to discuss our external user rates.

Mass Spectrometry instruments assisted rate includes (but is not limited to) the following:
1. Method Development (including background research, literature searching and method optimization)
2. Sample Preparation
3. Data Analysis (outside of instrument booking window)

InstrumentLocationDescriptionAssisted RateUnassisted Rate/Hour
Mass Spectrometry Instruments    
Thermo Q Exactive Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap Criss II, Lab 303Compound identification by direct infusion (MS and MS/MS)$40/sample 
  Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS and LC-MS/MS)$40/hour$20/hour
Bruker ultrafleXtreme MALDI-TOF/TOFCriss II, Lab 303Compound Identification/Confirmation$40/sample$20/sample
  Tissue Imaging$40/sample$20/sample
Xcalibur Software: Proteome Discoverer, Tracefinder 4.1 and Compound Discoverer 3.0 Use of Mass Spec software offline, for processing raw data$40/hour$5/hour
Electrophysiology and Molecular Biology Cores    
TDT RZ6Room 331ABR and DPOAE$40/animal$10/animal
Axon200B and DigidataRoom 331EP$40/animal$10/animal
Axon200B and DigidataRoom 331Zebrafish Microphonic Response$40/animal$10/animal
Invitrogen Qubit Flex FluorometerCriss I, 211For accurate quantitaion of DNA, RNA, and protein$10/Per Use 
Bio-Rad ChemiDoc MP Imaging SystemCriss I, 211For imaging and analyzing gels and western blots$20/Per Use 
10x GenomicsRooms 431 and 225Single-cell RNA-seq and RNAscope $50/hr
Advanced Imaging Core Instruments    
Zeiss LSM 980 Inverted MicroscopeCriss II, Room 312Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope with Airyscan$50/hr$35/hr
Zeiss LSM 700 Inverted MicroscopeCriss I, Room 407Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope$40/hr$25/hr
Zeiss LSM 700 Upright MicroscopeCriss I, Room 407Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope$40/hr$25/hr
Zeiss LSM 710 Upright MicroscopeCriss I, Room 407Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope$40/hr$25/hr
Zeiss PALMCriss I, Room 332PALM CombiSystem with micromanipulation and microdissection tools$40/hr$25/hr
Zeiss Epifluorescence MicroscopeCriss I, Room 407Widefield imaging in fluorescence or brightfield$40/hrFree
Imaris BT and Imaris XBT WorkstationsCriss I, Room 407Software for analysis and processing of microscopy images$40/hr$5/hr
Nikon Spinning Disk Confocal MicroscopeCriss II, Room 324Confocal microscope capable of real time, live cell, and DIC imaging$40/hr$25/hr
Leica Confocal MicroscopeCriss II, Room 325Confocal microscope capable of multiphoton, near-IR, and live animal imaging$40/hr$25/hr
Olympus TIRFCriss II, Room, 326CTotal internal Reflection Microscope with 4 laser lines$40/hr$25/hr
Nikon Inverted Fluorescence MicroscopeCriss II, Room 324Widefield imaging in flurescence or brightfield$40/hrFree
Molecular Devices ImageXpress Micro4Criss III, Room 382AHigh-throughput widefield imaging in fluorescence or brightfield$40/hrInquire
Nikon NIS ElementsCriss III, Room 382ASoftware for analysis and processing of microscopy images$40/hr$5/hr
Volocity Image AnalysisInquireSoftware for analysis and processing of microscopy images$40/hr$5/hr

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