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Research Vouchers to Use in Research Cores

Supported by the Dr. Richard J. Bellucci Translational Hearing Center

The Dr. Richard J. Bellucci Translational Hearing Center, a Center for Biomedical Research Excellence (CoBRE), offers research vouchers to pay for services provided by Research Core that support data collection for research proposals and stimulate new research directions within the Center’s theme, i.e., to mechanistically elucidate an etiology underlying hearing loss, or to identify/validate candidate compounds that preserve or restore hearing.

Applications can request up to $10,000, in $1,000 increments, to fund activities in the Research Cores supported by the CoBRE. Only Investigators eligible to be a Research Project Leader from UNMC, Creighton University, or Boys Town National Research Hospital may apply.

Eligible Investigators will be emerging Investigators with tenure-track status who have not received peer-reviewed R01-level funding from Federal or non-Federal sources as the PI. R01-level funding is receipt of ≥$215,000 in a single year from one funding agency.

More information about each Research Core services can be found by visiting each respective core's page on our website.

The funds cannot be used to replace costs included in existing grants, and proposals must indicate how the results will be used to support new research proposals. All applications must also be signed by the Core Director to indicate that the services to be provided have been reviewed and costs are accurate. The application form can be downloaded from the Core webpage, or can be obtained from Stacy Barney (