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Drug Discovery & Delivery Core Equipment & Fee Schedule

Existing Functional Equipment in the Drug Discovery & Delivery Core

All users of the Core should be submitting requests after signing the Drug Discovery & Delivery Core Terms of Use Agreement, and booking projects via the reservations system.

View our fee schedule for internal investigators below.

If you are an external investigator/company wishing to use any of the facilities or services provided by the DDD Core, please contact a member of the core facility staff to discuss our external user rates.

DescriptionAssisted RateUnassisted Rate/Hour
One Time/Per Sample performed by technician$35 per Sample$25 per Sample
Trained person to run instrument without assistance$20/hr$10/hr
Concept Development/Lab Services (Dr. Wang)$25/hr 
Peptide Synthesizer$30/hr$10/hr
Waters UPLC$20/hr$10/hr
Agilent HPLC $20/hr$10/hr

We have the ability to provide access to the following equipment throughout the university.

In Vitro Drug Screen>1,000 drugs and drug-like compoundsCriss I, 410, Criss III, 361
In vitro Drug ScreeningBiacore 8K Surface Plasmon ResonanceCriss II, 281
scRNA Seq for In Silico ScreenZeiss Laser Microdissection with PALM MicroBeam suitable for laser microdissectionCriss I, 332
In silico Drug Screening, Bioinformatics and Structural StudiesMicroway 4U High Performance Analysis server (768 Gbytes memory, 32 Tbytes storage)Criss II, 311A
In silico Drug Screening, Structural Studies and Molecular Dynamics SimulationsMicroway 24 nodes GPU-based High Performance Computer (HPC) cluster (total of 1.43 Tbytes memory and 162 Tbytes storage space)University Data Center
In vivo drug distribution in tissue sectionsUltrafileXtreme MALDI-MS SystemCriss II, 303
Peptide SynthesisCEM Liberty microwave automated peptide synthesizerCriss II, 304
Positional Scanning Peptide LibraryAdvancedChemtec LabMate synthesizerCriss II, 304
Peptide SynthesisTwo Gilson Dual Pump HPLCs for peptide purificationCriss II, 304
Chemical and Peptide Synthesis/CharacterizationJasco J810 SpectropolarimeterCriss II, 303
Chemical and Peptide Synthesis/CharacterizationBruker 400 MHz NMR SpectrometerRigge, 216
Ex vivo Drug Validation6 Culture HoodsCriss I, 406, 410
In vivo Drug Screening and ValidationZebrafish systemCriss I, 217
Chemical SynthesisThermo Q Exactive quadrople orbitrap hybrid mass spectrometer with Thermo Vanquish UHPLCCriss II, 303
Chemical Synthesis/Purification for Scale-upBiotage IsoleraCriss I, 506
Chemical Synthesis/Purification for Scale-upBiotage SP1Criss III, 361
Chemical SynthesisHeidolph Rotary Evaporator with PC3000 Vario PumpCriss III, 361
Chemical SynthesisHeidolph Rotary Evaporator with PC3000 Vario PumpCriss I, 506
Chemical Synthesis/Purification, Drug FormulationMillrock LD85 Freeze DryerCriss III, 273
Chemical Synthesis/Purification, Drug FormulationLabconco Freezone 4.5 Freeze DryerCriss III, 273
Drug FormulationTA Instruments Discovery DSC25 Differential Scanning CalorimeterCriss III, 361
Drug FormulationTA Instruments Discovery TGA55 Thermogravimetric AnalyzerCriss III, 361
Drug FormulationTA Instruments AR-G2 RheometerCriss III, 273
Drug FormulationMalvern Mastersizer 2000, Sciroco 2000, Hydro2000Criss III, 273
Cytotoxicity AssaysBioTek Synergy H1 Hybrid Plate ReaderCriss III, 272
ADME Assays, PK/PD DeterminationAB-Sciex 5500 Qtrap LC/MS/MS equipped with an ExionLC HPLCCriss III, 361
ADME Assays, PK/PD DeterminationAB-Sciex 3200 Qtrap LC/MS/MS equipped with an Agillent 1200 LCCriss III, 275
ADME Assays, PK/PD DeterminationShimadzu Prominence LC-2030C 3DCriss III, 273