Join our ongoing volunteer efforts to help fulfill our mission.


At Creighton University, our students, faculty and staff are committed to a spirit of service on campus and beyond.

Students alone logged more than 1.1 million total student service hours 

  • 4,799 Creighton students engaged in academic, co-curricular or community service
  • 3,470 (72%) of those Creighton students engaged in some form of academic service-learning
  • 3,736 students participated in more than 20 hours of service in a given semester

Our Schlegel Center for Service and Justice coordinates many of these volunteer opportunities, which include helping food pantries, seniors and victims of domestic abuse, as well as family outreach and youth tutoring. Students also serve abroad or at places in need across the U.S. through service and justice trips (check out the video).

The Creighton mission energizes our faculty and staff too. Each year, a staff group collects school supplies and helps stuffs over 2,500 backpacks as part of the Salvation Army’s annual backpack distribution program.

Caring for the well-being of others and advancing science are important parts of the work of Creighton faculty-scientists. Renowned for scientific research that has advanced public health—particularly in at-risk populations—our researchers work in such areas as cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, neurosciences, cardiovascular disease and more.