Peer2Peer Program

Contact Information

Old Gymnasium, Floor 2
Creighton University
2500 California Plaza
Omaha, NE 68178
Phone: 402.280.2749
Fax: 402.280.5579

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

TRIO Programs - Student Support Programs

All About Peer2Peer

Peer2Peer is a mentoring program designed to support first year SSS participants with the transition to college life through the guidance and assistance of upper class SSS students. Peer2Peer combines one on one meetings between mentors and mentees with group activities and meetings.

The primary goals of the Peer2Peer mentoring program are to enrich the personal and academic development of first year SSS participants while building the leadership skills of upper class SSS students.

The objectives of the program are:

  • To assist new students in their transition to Creighton by broadening students' knowledge of a variety of academic and university resources.
  • To develop a solid relationship between upper class students and first year students with similar interests.
  • To provide a strong foundation of support to ensure the success of first year students.
  • To develop life-long friendships.

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Application and Selection Process


Mentors must submit a complete application, which includes areas of interest, major, career goals, extra-curricular activities, and a short essay explaining why he or she wants to participate in the program. In addition, a mentor applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Strong interpersonal and helping skills
  • Sophomore, Junior, or Senior standing
  • Be in good academic standing
  • 3.0 GPA or higher


Mentees must submit a complete application which includes areas of interest, major, career goals, extra-curricular activities, and a short essay explaining why he or she wants to participate in the program. In addition, mentee applicants must meet the following criteria: Be a first year SSS student and possess a sincere desire to meet with a mentor.

Both mentor and mentee must meet twice a month for at least one hour at a location that is convenient for them. Mentors and mentees must also attend all group activities and meetings as planned. Activities and meetings are held two to three times per semester.

Meet the Peer2Peer Mentors

Cyrus Quinn, Fontana, CA

Hi, my name is Cyrus, and I am a sophomore in the Heider College of Business pursing a degree in business by majoring B.I.A.(Business Intelligence Analytics) and possibly a minor in Marketing. I am a first year mentor in the Peer2Peer program, and I am also involved with the Intramural Sports Program. My hobbies include track and field, cross country, tennis, and wrestling, as well as computer programming/tinkering, video games and D&D. As a first generations student, I enjoy being a part of Student Support Services because of the resources and people available to help you through college with academics, internships, etc. Being first-generation has connected me with new resources that allows me to better understand the demands of college and helps me mange my financial needs so later on I don't back myself into a corner with debt. I am most excited to mentor someone and assist them through their first year of college and help them so they can learn from some of my mistakes from my first year.

Taylor Corbaley, Omaha, NE

Hi! My name is Taylor and I am from Omaha, Nebraska. I am majoring in English and Psychology with a minor in Theology! My plans for the future are to pursue a graduate school program, either in English or law. This summer I began my law internship at the environmental firm Fraser & Stryker, located in downtown Omaha. I am the youngest of 5 children (with a twin!), so I come from a big family that I always keep close. Some of my favorite hobbies are reading books, going on walks, traveling, and listening to music! Being a part of SSS at Creighton has proven to be one of the most beneficial decisions I have made thus far in my college career. It is a continuous supportive environment, with advisors, peers, and friends who are there for anything you need. This means so much to me as coming from a first-generation family with many siblings. This can prove challenging when planning for a successful career. I am most excited to begin my mentor relationship this upcoming year because of what makes college great: finding new friends while discovering your passions at the same time!

Graciela Luis, Los Aneles, CA

My name is Graciela Luis, I go by Grace. I'm a Sociology/Theatre major, and I知 still figuring out my college aspirations. I'm involved in Best Buddies, APO the theatre fraternity, SSS, and the pre-law society. I love watching Netflix, hanging out with friends, and reading. I enjoy being a part of SSS because it is very inclusive and truly a welcoming community. They are always there if I need help. Being a first-generation college student is a great honor to my family and myself. I'm so blessed to have gotten to know the people at SSS and share my story. I'm excited to keep sharing my experiences with this year's P2P class, and to be able to help other that were just like me not so long ago.

Brianne Bywaters, Omaha, NE

My name is Brianne Bywaters! I知 from Omaha and I知 a junior at Creighton pursuing a degree in International Relations and Economics, Pre-Law. When I知 on campus you can usually find me in the SSS office, Skutt, or Harper. And in the rare moments that I知 not studying, I like to do yoga, rock climbing, hiking, go to concerts or sport events, travel, etc.! I知 a member of Delta Delta Delta, and the Pre-Law Society. I知 always up for going an adventure, I can show you lots of great downtown spots being from Omaha, or we can just grab coffee and chat! Being a first-generation student from a low-income background has given me the ability to relate to a wider array of people and allowed me to better understand how my choices as an educated woman impact others. I remember being a wide-eyed freshman and first hearing about this organization, Student Support Services. I had no idea what it was or how much it would mean to me as I知 sitting here writing this, but I can definitively say that it was the best choice I致e made so far in my college career. I hope to be able to provide that same experience to the incoming students, the 蘇ome away from home experience.

Geoffrey Ramirez, Vancouver, WA

My names is Geoffrey Ramirez and I am a Junior in the College of Arts and Sciences. Currently, I'm studying Health Administration and Policy. My career aspiration is to work as a Hospital Administrator or in a Public Health sector. On campus, I am involved with the Cortina Community, CULSA, Campus Ministry, and an active member in the Greek community. My hobbies are in sports, video games, art, and music. My favorite part about SSS is the atmosphere from the staff and students who are in the program. They have impacted my Creighton experience greatly as many of my close friends are in SSS. Being a first-generation college student means a new start to my family. Having the opportunity is an advantage and privilege for me, as I am the first to get a higher education. It's especially a big deal being the oldest of one brother. Yet my parents are very supportive and I owe it to them for pushing me to be better. Finally, what I am excited for this upcoming year is to make new relationships and to learn along the way as a mentor.

Jesus Yaez, Vice President, Peer2Peer, Denver, CO

Hello Hello. My name is Jesus Yaez I am a senior this year at Creighton, majoring in Sociology and minoring in Anthropology. Post-graduation I hope to attend graduate school, no idea where yet, and pursue a master痴 degree in Student Affairs and Administration. I hope to work in high education either in a TRIO program or in an office of Multicultural Affairs. I am involved in a good amount of groups here at Creighton. I am a founder for Creighton痴 very first, and for now only, culturally based fraternity Sigma Lambda Beta. I am also Vice President of our Latino Student Association, CULSA. I am also the Creighton Student痴 Union Diversity and Inclusivity Coordinator which in turn grants me a seat in the Intercultural Student Engagement Council. Right now I知 a tour guide at Creighton for work. For hobbies I like playing soccer, hanging out with friends, and dancing. I like being a part of SSS because not only is it an avenue to find friends who you have more in common with but also because It provides a lot of support that has really helped me get the most of my Creighton career. Being first generation to me means working harder than anyone around me to succeed the same amount. Additionally, it also carries a responsibility to be the first in your family at a University. It痴 hard being low income at Creighton, at times it feels like everyone around you has so much more than you do, but that痴 another reason why I love SSS I can find students who feel the same way I do. What I知 most excited about being a mentor this year is being able to help a student find their own at Creighton, it took me a long time to find where I belong but if I can help someone else find the home I did then it will all be worth it.

Janay Williams, Ashland, NE

Hello, my name is Janay Williams and I am starting my second year at Creighton. I am in the College of Arts and Sciences and am a Biology Major on the Pre-Medicine track. Besides SSS, I am involved in several clubs around campus including the Pre-Med Club and Strength Club. Some of my hobbies include watching movies or Netflix, sleeping, going to the gym, swimming, and just about anything that gets me into the outdoors. I like being a part of SSS because of all the resources they provide, whether that be tutoring, mentoring, or just meeting with people to talk about how classes or personal life is going. Everyone is caring and supportive, making me feel part of a family away from my family. Being a mentor, I am most excited about meeting new college students and helping them adjust to college and everything Creighton has to offer! Feel free to ask me any questions or say hi if you see me around campus!

Shambhabi Paudyal, Omaha, NE

Hello! My name is Shambhabi and I am a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in International Relations and minoring in Spanish. Apart from Peer2Peer, I am involved in the Fr. John P. Markoe Leadership Program, Creighton Democrats, and the Desi Cultural Society. In my free time, I love spending time with family and friends, traveling, binge-watching Netflix, and watching soccer, especially the World Cup (for軋 Brazil!) Student Support Services has been a rewarding aspect of my Creighton experience in numerous ways, especially because it has introduced me to wonderful people who are passionate about their goals and aspirations for the future. It's also fulfilling to know that there are supportive people other than my family members who want me to succeed and accomplish everything I hope to. With regards to being a mentor this upcoming year, I am excited to meet the mentees and be able to share my knowledge and experiences and learn something in return. I am in the SSS office quite a lot so if you see me, say hi!

John Godoy, Mission, SD

My name is John, I am a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences. My major is Health Administration and Policy, and I see myself working with the Indian Health Services within the next 20 years. I am the Cultural Awareness chair for my fraternity, Sigma Lambda Beta, as well the P.R. representative for the Native American Association. I like to read, play video games, binge television, and have fun. Something that I have grown to value and cultivate is 団ommunity. Being first-gen, it was important to me to be in social groups that understand my lived experience as SSS has allowed me to do that. The Peer2Peer program will allow me to build a community with the incoming freshman and my current upper-level classmates, and I知 so proud to serve and be a part of it.

Jadyn Lovelady, Johnston, IA

I知 a simple suburban girl from Iowa, who is outgoing and loves to help people. My name is Jadyn Lovelady, I知 a psychology and communication studies double major in the College of Arts and Sciences. The dream is work as an expert witness in court cases as well as do consulting work. Besides school, I spend my time with the Cortina Community, Mock Trial and psychology research. I知 not good at much besides embarrassing myself and talking eloquently. Personally, SSS provides me a place to make sure that I get the individual attention I need to fulfill my collegiate goals. It痴 difficult being a first-generation student; not knowing what or how to do anything. However, it does make it feel like a much bigger achievement when you reach your goals. I知 looking forward to helping someone hurdle the freshman struggles easier and providing guidance in college life. College is not easy, but it痴 drastically easier with help.

Mohit Khanal, Aurora, CO

My name is Mohit. I'm from Colorado and I am a psychology major in the college of arts and sciences. I am currently on the pre-med track aspiring to be a health professional. Outside of SSS, I am the president of both Sigma Lambda Beta and Desi Cultural Society. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer as well as doing anything related to the outdoors. I'm an enthusiast of good food and trying new things, and I will almost never say no to a game of FIFA. I like being a part of SSS because of the staff more than anything, they are all such great people who are always willing to go out of their way for their students. The thing that I'm most excited about as a mentor this year is being able to share my knowledge and experiences with my mentee and helping make that transition into college just a little bit easier.

Kiara Vicens, Honolulu, HI

Hi! My name is Kiara Vicens and I'm a rising sophomore in the college of Arts and Sciences. I'm majoring in Exercise Science with a pre-emphasis in physical therapy. Ultimately, I want to become a traveling physical therapist so that I can help people all across the US and to experience different cultures and lifestyles. I am currently involved in organizations like the pep band, the fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, Hawaii Club, and the Pre-Physical Therapy club. My hobbies include hiking, going to the beach (at home in Hawaii of course), spending time with friends and family, and baking. SSS has provided many opportunities to grow and learn as a person, and I'm truly grateful for all of these experiences. Because I was admitted during the spring semester, I had to catch on quickly with the program. But Krystal and the other members really made the transition smooth for me by getting me involved in many of the services provided and of course, being fed haha. The benefits of being in this organization go beyond just free printing; it's about establishing those meaningful, connected relationships that make it so worthwhile. Since my parents had my sister and I at a young age, they had to put their college plans on hold to raise us. A quote I read in an article really defined part of who I was during my senior year of high school: "I was an A student in class but probably about a C-minus in applying to schools". However, after working with my school's college and career center and connecting with other alumni, I was able to gain insight about everything. Being a first-generation student has given me perspective about how truly lucky I am to have parents that fully support me of my dream to attend college away from home (3,819 miles to be exact). They're investing their time and money into my education so that I can surpass them eventually. Honestly, sometimes it is difficult because they can't offer me the same advice as others could, but that's what SSS is for! I'm most excited to connect with the incoming freshmen to pass down the knowledge that others have given me so that they can have the most successful and fun-filled year possible. Last year, I had an unending list of questions, and I'm glad I knew upperclassmen that were able to answer and give key advice because they experienced it too.

Nhu Y Nguyen, Omaha, NE

My name is Nhu Y, I知 in the College of Business, majoring in Business Analytics and Marketing. I want to go into data sciences or marketing research after undergrad. I致e been in Theta Phi Alpha since my freshman year and just recently joined the Global Engagement office as a peer advisor and buddy to international students. I love to travel (very clich but true), I also love to decorate my room and garden. My favorite thing about SSS is the feeling of knowing I have one of the greatest support systems around. Being a first-generation student to me means that I am able to change my future and give back to my parents who were never able to live the life that I am living or have the same opportunities as me. I知 really excited to meet the new mentees and assist in anyway I can. I知 really outgoing and love trying new things and being a fast-paced person so I hope that I am able to help my mentee with academic goals as well as lifestyle goals!

Joseph Kempinger III, St. Joseph, MO

Hey there, my name is Joseph Kempinger III (I know, it痴 a mouthful). I知 in the college of arts and science, and I知 planning on being a Biology major. I知 hoping to eventually become a surgeon, even though I知 not sure exactly what kind specifically, but I do want to do surgery. At Creighton I知 involved in the Cortina Community, I致e played in a couple of tournaments in the Swanson Hall for video games (yes, I did win 😉 ), I致e been in Bass club and Golf club. I really like music, hanging with some of my friends, Biology, playing piano, watching all of my many tv series, and playing video games. If you share any of these interests I知 more than happy to include you in them. The more the merrier! For me, SSS was kind of the only place I could talk to anyone that I even remotely related with. Especially Ryan, who痴 my coach. He痴 awesome. I知 not used to being in this crowd of people here at Creighton, since I知 low income, first generation, and single parent household. SSS is a great support center and they have so many resources I致e already used and can still use later on. I知 extremely thankful for them and I see this as an opportunity to connect with basically all the students in the program. I can see where they池e all coming from, and I can help to relieve some of the stress that those situations make, since in my opinion, my situation has been one of the worse ones but I came out nothing but stronger. The situations I hear from people is what I知 used to, it痴 what my family is used to, and it痴 what all my friends back home have been used to, so to me it痴 nothing out of the ordinary, and the thing that is weird is meeting the people that have never been in those situations. The thing that really excites me as a mentor though is meeting my mentee! I知 hoping I can provide any info for them, and if I can稚 I will for sure figure out how to get it and try to help them. If they want to hang out or do things, I値l be more than happy to include them, and I壇 like to just show them around Omaha and around campus. Show them little tricks of the trade and all kinds of things. Having a mentee is one of the things I知 looking forward to most about this upcoming year, so let痴 do this.

Efren Garcia, Secretary, Peer2Peer, Omaha, NE

Hello, my name is Efren Garcia and am currently a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences. I am on the pre-med track pursuing a degree in Neuroscience and a minor in Spanish and Hispanic Studies. My future career consists of possibly being a physician specializing in neurology and/or doing research for a Ph.D. program. Aside from being a part of the executive team for Peer2Peer, I am involved in Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc., Creighton University痴 Latino Student Association and am also a team leader for the Schlegel Center for Service & Justice. My passions include listening to music, lifting, running, photography, hanging out with friends, hiking, and watching movies. I always loved being a part of SSS because I feel at home with everyone in it. Being a low-income, first-generation student means I have to work harder than others who don't have to worry about financial/academic issues. To me, it is not a disadvantage for it has taught me to be independent and to find the help I need from networking and creating a support group. As a mentor, I am excited to share my experiences at Creighton for it has been a difficult but amazing transition into becoming a more developed individual.

Jordan Malcom, Lincoln, NE

My name is Jordan Malcom. I am a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences studying Justice & Society and Public Policy. I am not exactly sure what I want to be when I grow up, but my dream job is to work at Homeboy Industries. I am involved with the Schlegel Center for Service and Justice, Sorority Life, and New Student Orientation. Some of my hobbies include getting outside, whether that be going for a walk or a bike ride, heading to the farmers market, or laying out in a hammock. I like being a part of SSS because I know that there are people always looking out for me. The support I have received goes beyond the classroom and helps me stay on top of my academic and personal goals. Being a first-generation college student means to me taking each experience as it is. Learning from experiences and relying on SSS when I need support and guidance. I am most looking forward to getting to form a connection with the person I am paired with. I love friendship.

Brisa Banuelos, Denver, CO

Hello my name is Brisa Banuelos and I am a sophomore pursuing marketing major with a minor in Spanish, still looking into a second major. My dream job would be to someday work for the Walt Disney company. I am involved in multiple organizations here on campus such as Creighton University's Latino Student Association which I am currently the secretary, Mock Trial, the Anna Tyler Waite Leadership Program and I am also a member of Pi Beta Phi Sorority. I love to do crafts, bake, cook, make Pinterest boards, binge watch Netflix, and I love movies (especially Disney movies). I like being a part of SSS because it provides me with a support system, that as a student coming from out of state, is really nice and it helps me hold myself accountable towards accomplishing my goals. Being a first-generation college student means a lot to me because both my family and I have worked so hard to get me here, which inspires me to work harder and strive for more. I am super excited to become a mentor this upcoming year because I have always loved encouraging my peers to try something new or take risks because of how much our experiences allow us to grow. I also enjoy meeting new people and making friends so don't be a stranger!

Hong Nguyen, Wichita, KS

Hello, my name is Hong Nguyen. I am a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Biology and Medical Anthropology. My campus involvements include the Schlegel Center for Service and Justice, Pre-Medical Society, and Biology Club. I enjoy playing the piano, exercise, and cooking. Student Support Services continues to be a community of advisors, mentors, and students who encourage positive growth every day. My first-generation, low-income background has taught me resilience and discipline. I am thrilled to return as a Peer2Peer mentor for incoming students as they transition into Creighton.

Abril Rangel-Pacheco, President, Peer2Peer, Omaha, NE

Hello! My name is Abril, and I am a senior in the college of arts and sciences pursuing a degree in psychology with a double minor in biology and Spanish. In addition to being President for Peer2Peer, I am involved with other organizations on campus like Creighton University痴 Latino Student Association and Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. Some of my passions include: binge-watching Netflix, drinking coffee, makeup, and reading. As a first-generation, low-income student, I enjoy being a part of Student Support Services because it is well tailored to help with my specific needs in my personal context. I know that for any aspect of my life, whether it痴 personal, academic, professional, or financial, there is always someone there to relate to and offer their help to me. I can always count on the staff and the students to make my day better! I am most excited to get to know the mentees this year, and plan some great events to build great mentor/mentee connections! If you see me around the office or on campus, don稚 be afraid to say hi and grab a coffee with me!

Josie Breitsprecher, Dayton, IA

Hi, my name is Josie Breitsprecher and I am currently a junior at Creighton University. I am majoring in Exercise Science on the Pre Pharmacy track. I hope to become a pharmacist in a small town area later in life. I知 currently involved in the Vietnamese Student Association and a member of the Creighton University Rowing team. Being a part of SSS has provided me with a new outlook on what going to college as a low income student with a disability looks like. It痴 provided me already with numerous opportunities I never thought possible for myself. I知 so excited to be a mentor and can稚 wait for this upcoming school year, roll Jays!

Alissa Geonzon, Honolulu, HI

Alissa Geonzon Honolulu, Hawaii College of Nursing Hi! My name is Alissa and I am a senior in the College of Nursing. I aspire to become a flight nurse and become a Trauma Nurse Practitioner. In addition to participating in the Peer2Peer program, I am also currently involved in the Creighton University Student Nursing Association, Hui O' Hawai'i Club, and SAVE. I love to hike mountain trails, go snorkeling and surfing at the beach, play with my makeup, and sing and dance in the shower! As a first-generation, low-income student, SSS has become one of my biggest resources here on campus, providing a safe space for any academic, financial, mental, and emotional support needed. It has also allowed many wonderful opportunities throughout my academic career, including an all-expenses paid scholarship to study abroad in Germany and the Netherlands where I did medical research on the Holocaust as the only Nursing student with a group of law students! I am most excited to meet the mentees this year and build everlasting friendships!

Natasha Koval, Waverly, NE

Hello! My name is Natasha Koval and here I am, a sophomore in the College of Nursing! How did I reach this point in my life? I'm not really too sure, but I can tell you one thing; I couldn't have done it with the support and aide that I've received from numerous sources. I aspire to get my BSN and then move onwards towards specializing in Pediatric Nursing. At Creighton, I am involved with the Cortina Community, Inter Residence Hall Government (IRHG), Tri Delta Sorority, and SSS of course. I'm from Waverly, Nebraska which is a small town near Lincoln. When I'm not college-ing, I enjoy putting puzzles together, climbing, traveling, exploring new places, hanging out with kids, reading, or doing something completely odd. I am fluent in Russian and kind of know some Spanish if I try really hard. What I really enjoy about SSS is that it gives me hope for so much more. I am not constrained to a box of limitations. I get to work with an awesome team in the SSS office throughout the school year that set me up for success and get to connect with individuals who understand the difficulties of college. As a first-generation, low-income student, I understand that I have to sometimes work a little bit harder than other college students, but it has never stopped me from giving up. All of my efforts seem more paid off since it has taken me a lot to work towards my goals. As a mentor, I am extremely excited to connect with individuals who come from different backgrounds and enjoy this year with my mentee!

Julie Juarez, Berwyn, IL

Hello all, my name is Julie Juarez, but you can call me JJ if you wish :) I am a senior in the College of Nursing! I am interested in being a Pediatric Registered Nurse and continuing on to be a Family Nurse Practitioner. I am currently involved with the Creighton University Student Nursing Association, Nursing Leadership Scholars, and am a SAVE tutor. I absolutely love to travel! I want to visit 30 countries before I am 30, and wish to visit all 50 states before I am 50 so let me know if you wish to join me on my journey! I love spending time with family, friends, and getting to know and work with different people. My talents include watching a whole season of "Friends" on Netflix in one day. Having a place like SSS to call home since my freshman year is truly a blessing. Being a first-generation, low-income minority student has had it's challenges as I am not at an advantage when it comes to financial and academic opportunities. Having a support system like SSS has provided me the opportunity to be resilient in my journey here at Creighton. As a mentor, I am excited to be a part of being a resource for others. I am also looking forward to all the fun events we will attend as we all get to know each other (especially if they involve food)!