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Textbook and Test Prep Library

Textbook and Test Prep Library

SSS has our very own library of textbooks and test-prep books. The books are now housed at the Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library.

How to borrow:

1. Before going to the library or while at the library: To find out if the textbook you want is at the library follow these directions.
2. Go to the library's service desk
3. Let them know that you would like to check out a book from the SSS Course Reserve
4. They will verify that you are part of SSS
5. You may check out up to 4 books for the semester
6. If you are late returning the books, the library will start assessing overdue fines

A few of our books are still located in the SSS Office.

You can find our entire catalog here on LibraryThing

If there's a book you're interested in borrowing but don't see it in our catalog, you can complete this form.

Check-out time:

You may borrow up to 4 books for the duration of the semester.