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1. How busy are you on surgical pathology rotations?

  • CHI Health/CUMC generates approximately 10,000 surgical pathology cases per year. Although this is the busiest service, resident responsibilities are not onerous.  Residents are assigned enough specimens to keep them busy but late nights are rare, especially in the later years when resident proficiency increases.

2. How does the call schedule work?

  • Residents take call on a rotation basis from home one week at a time. Call involves handling any clinical or anatomical pathology questions which arise during off hours. There is usually an average of one phone call per 24-hour period. No grossing is required on Sundays. Residents on call perform any autopsies that arrive over the weekend.  This can include Sunday autopsies.

3. What are the parking arrangements for residents?

  • Free surface parking, and free garage parking for chief residents, is provided.

4. What are some strengths of the program?

  • Wide breadth of anatomical and clinical pathology.
  • Small program size with much one-on-one resident-staff interaction.
  • Each resident is provided a personal iPad mini.
  • Extensive hands-on hematopathology experience.
  • Balanced work load with time for study.
  • Resident presentation at interdepartmental conferences.
  • Opportunity (as required by the American Board of Pathology) to perform at least 30 autopsies.
  • Encouragement of research activity.