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Pathology Residency General Info

Programs Offered

The Department of Pathology offers a training program in anatomic and clinical pathology for a broad well-rounded experience in pathology.

  • Anatomic pathology includes training in autopsy and surgical pathology, forensics, neuropathology, immunopathology and cytology.
  • Clinical pathology includes training in hematology, coagulation, cytogenetics and molecular genetics, transfusion medicine, diagnostic immunology, flow cytometry, clinical chemistry, forensic toxicology, and microbiology.
  • Molecular pathology topics are integrated into all rotations.

Initial rotations emphasize technical skills, methodology, basic disease mechanisms, and relationships to clinical problems, and later rotations emphasize development of consultative and management skills. All house staff actively participate in teaching medical students, pharmacy students, and house staff in other specialties.  

The program is flexible enough to stimulate individual interest and, at the same time, is designed to provide a core of experience in all areas of pathology.  Every step of the way is guided by detailed goals and objectives that are regularly assessed and revised.  In addition, the core rotation experience meets the American Board of Pathology eligibility requirements.

Types and Numbers of Appointments: Eight pathology resident positions are available. The residency program consists of a core of 18 months of anatomic pathology and 18 months of clinical pathology.  The program also has an additional 7 months of elective time to be dispersed during the third and fourth years of residency.

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Pathology Residency

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Autumn Eberly
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