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Magis Catholic Teacher Corps (Masters)

Complete a master’s degree from Creighton University while gaining practical experience in teaching through the Magis Catholic Teacher Corps.

Three pillars—community, spirituality and professionalism—define the Magis experience, which is dedicated to forming enthusiastic, faith-filled and highly motivated teachers in the Ignatian tradition. You can earn your teaching certification and grow your faith through this largely volunteer program. While you’ll be able to teach anywhere, the spiritual element of the Magis program will make you especially prepared for a role in Catholic education.

Magis, a Latin term meaning "the more," is the charism of the Society of Jesus that embodies St. Ignatius' question in his Spiritual Exercises: "What more can I do for Christ?" Students in the Magis program answer this question through their roles as Catholic teachers, bringing Jesuit values into their classrooms. They also bring these values into their everyday lives, participating in ongoing spiritual, professional and personal formation.

Develop professionally and spiritually in a tight-knit community

The Magis program seeks to develop a core of highly motivated teachers to work in under-served Catholic Schools. Upon acceptance, Magis teachers make a commitment for two years to live in community and pursue professional and spiritual development while serving as full-time teachers in selected Catholic schools. Through this method, students develop tools to establish the environments in which young people want to learn, and thus, make a significant impact in the lives of children and the communities in which they teach.

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Magis Values Promotes Justice
The Magis Values: Seek God in All Things
The Magis Values: Display Servant Leadership
The Magis Values: Value Community
The Magis Values: Practice Discernment
The Magis Values: Exemplify Pedagogical Excellence

The Magis Catholic Teacher Corps empowers students to become effective, caring teachers, school administrators, and counselors.

Program Details


Through the Magis program, you’ll develop the advanced skills and experience to become a Catholic school teacher or administrator.

You can earn a variety of master’s degrees through the Magis program, many of which allow you to specialize your degree to meet your interests and goals.

  • Master of Education in Secondary Teaching — This is an initial licensure program for college graduates without an undergraduate degree in education who are interested in earning a teaching certificate and a master’s degree. View the course requirements of this program.
  • Master of Education in Elementary Teaching — This is an initial licensure program for college graduates without an undergraduate degree in education who are interested in earning a teaching certificate (K-6 or K-8 in a Catholic school) and a master’s degree. View the course requirements of this program.
  • Master of Science in Educational Leadership — This degree is for candidates who already hold an elementary or secondary teaching certificate and are interested in school administration or teacher leadership. Students may opt to participate in a three-year program of study to obtain an administrative certificate. View the course requirements of this program.
  • Master of Science in School Counseling — This three-year program is designed for students interested in various counseling roles and student development services (student personnel). View the course requirements of this program.
  • Master of Science in Educational Specialist Areas — This degree is designed to allow students to pursue four different specialized educational tracks at the master’s level, including Early Childhood Development, English as a Second Language, Catholic School Leadership, and Teacher Leadership. View possible course sequences of this program.


Our respected Magis Catholic Teacher Corps program staff strives to help form men and women for and with others, developing the God-given talents of each individual so as to live lives of integrity, with religious faith, and respect for all creation.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the following criteria in order to be officially accepted into the Creighton University Graduate School and Magis Catholic Teacher Corps.

Step 1: Pre-Qualification

Before beginning your application, please submit your unofficial transcript to ensure that you meet the necessary requirements for the degree track you are interested in pursuing.  

Step 2: Online Graduate School Application

*When starting the online application, please select one of the following programs

If you do NOT have a teaching certificate, select:

  • Magis Catholic Teacher Corps (MEd Elementary Teaching)
  • Magis Catholic Teacher Corps (MEd Secondary Teaching)

If you currently hold or will obtain a teaching certificate by the time you begin Magis Catholic Teacher Corps, choose one of the following:

  • Magis Catholic Teacher Corps (MS Educational Leadership)
  • Magis Catholic Teacher Corps (MS Educational Specialist Areas)
  • Magis Catholic Teacher Corps (MS School Counseling)

Upload the following information directly to the Graduate School application website

  • Resume in PDF format
  • Personal Statement: A short :90 second professional and creative video introduction with statement of purpose
  • Three one-page essays: Single-spaced narrative. Each essay should be on a separate page, but in one total document. Essay Guide for Applying to Magis Catholic Teacher Corps
  • Four letters of recommendation, which includes the online recommendation format in addition to a type-written letter from each of the following:
    • Supervisor (work or volunteer experience)
    • Professor
    • Peer (roommate, friend but not a family member)
    • Spiritual Mentor (chaplain, campus minister, priest, rector, or spiritual director)

Step 3: Official Transcripts

(Undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.0 required)
Option 1:  Request official transcript(s) be sent by mail to Creighton University. The mailing address below should be used in order to ensure transcripts are received in a timely manner.

Enrollment Services
Creighton University
2500 California Plaza
Omaha, NE 68178

Option 2: Request official transcript(s) be sent to Creighton University at the e-mail address below:

Transcripts can be submitted using either method listed above prior to submission of an application for admission.

Step 4: Professional Exams

Praxis Core Test (Test #5752): This test is required for all applicants. Request scores be sent to both Creighton University Education Department and the Nebraska Department of Education

  • Reading (#5713) Score: 156 minimal acceptable score
  • Writing (#5723) Score: 162 minimal acceptable score
  • Math (#5733) Score: 150 minimal acceptable score

More information on the Praxis can be found on their website: codes for Creighton University or visit https://www.ets.or/praxis.

All three components of the Praxis Core Test need to be taken by January 27 since score reports from ETS take 4-6 weeks to arrive at Creighton

*Praxis Subject Assessment (formerly Praxis II Content)

If you will be applying to the MEd Secondary teaching track and will NOT be certified in theology/religion, you will be required to pass the appropriate Praxis Subject Assessment by May 1 for full acceptance into the program. The passing of this exam ensures that you can be licensed by the state of Nebraska in your content area.

Step 5: Final Forms & Conditions

Upon acceptance, you will be sent three final admission forms and directions. Please send them directly to the Magis Catholic Teacher Corps office.

  • Notarized Waiver and Release Form
  • Notarized Letter of Intent Form
  • Approximate Costs Form
  • Background Check by April 1
  • Praxis II Passing Scores (MEd Secondary Teaching) by May 1

Tuition & Financial Aid

Magis Catholic Teacher Corps seeks individuals who are considering a vocation to teaching. We understand that furthering your education is a sacrifice, and Magis does not want new teachers to have the burden of debt upon completion of their graduate studies. Therefore, tuition for all graduate studies is fully funded. All room and board is also covered during the summer months.

Magis teachers begin receiving their stipends in the first month of full service (August). These stipends will be used to help pay shared food costs, books for courses, internet in the community house, and any personal expenses (car, car insurance, cell phone, etc.). The stipend permits a student to live comfortably with a modest budget while in the program.

Have questions? Email or call a friendly financial specialist at 402.280.2731 for any additional questions you may have.

Dates and Deadlines

The table below details the enrollment deadlines and starting dates of courses for the current academic year. If you have any questions about dates, deadlines, or application materials, please contact an enrollment specialist for personalized assistance.





February 1

Application review begins February 1, with priority given to applications received by that date. Applications will still be reviewed on a rolling basis after February 1, pending availability in the cohort.

Magis teachers who do not already possess a teaching license will receive a provisional (temporary) license at the completion of their first summer to comply with Nebraska state teaching requirements. This license is good for 2 years. Outside of Nebraska, we work with the Magis placement schools and principals to comply with the various state guidelines for each Magis teacher.

Learn more about licensure through Magis

Still Have Questions?

Reach out to a Graduate Enrollment Specialist