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What are the outcomes of organizational leadership?

Nov 13, 2019
5 min Read
Outcomes of Leadership


Are you a natural leader? Or maybe you’ve fallen into a leadership position but lack the skills needed to effectively engage, inspire and lead. Pursing an advanced leadership degree can help you develop the critical skills you need to motivate and lead others and launch your career and personal aspirations to a new level.

As technology continues to grow in leaps and bounds, the demand for leaders who have the skillsets to motivate and lead others through these changes while achieving common goals will continue to grow, says Gretchen Oltman, JD, PhD, Creighton University program director, Master of Science in Organizational Leadership.  


“If you are considering advanced leadership education, an organizational leadership degree is an important and relevant degree for these innovative times,” Dr. Oltman says. “The vast amount of technological growth that we are seeing today is creating an ever-changing workplace. Today’s leader needs to know how to respond to the changing dynamics of the organizations in which we live and work and inspire and engage others so they can still contribute to the success of the organization.”

Creighton University’s Master of Science in Organizational Leadership degree can help you enhance your current skillsets to become a more effective and engaged leader. The online organizational leadership degree is designed to empower you with the skills you need to collaborate with others, navigate organizational issues and challenges, build morale, train, motivate and collaborate with employees and drive successful organizational change in diverse environments.

The organizational leadership degree focuses on the human elements of an organization, such as communication techniques, leadership theory, multicultural workplace dynamics and team development.  You will learn more personal and innovative approaches to management that will allow you to accommodate for the emotional element of the workplace and inspire staff to grow personally and professionally. Most importantly, at Creighton, you learn the value of self-care, reflective practices, and finding purpose in your everyday life, says Oltman.


As a Jesuit university, the curriculum for the masters in leadership program instills the Jesuit charisms that define how we interact with each other. These include caring for the whole person, seeking justice, finding God in all things, the importance of reflecting on the impact we have on others and “Magis,” which means we all have the ability to do “more” in a meaningful and purposeful way.

“These values ask us to look at doing more with the talents and qualities you have,” says Dr. Oltman. “Are you really doing all you can to make an impact on the world around you? Incorporating these Jesuit values allows you to apply them in real life, reflect on the value and meaning of everyday practices and determine how you can invest more in the people you work with and lead.”


A masters in organizational leadership can not only help prepare you for a leadership position but it can be viewed as a career enhancement opportunity, notes Dr. Oltman. This degree will foster leadership qualities and help you acquire the critical skills necessary for a variety of positions that will allow you to positively impact tomorrow’s workplaces.

When you complete the online masters in leadership degree at Creighton University, you will have the skillsets to:

  • Apply leadership concepts to enhance critical thinking and problem solving in real world settings.
  • Demonstrate advancing leadership skills in order to allow individuals to lead across disciplines and environments.
  • Apply collaborative skills to leadership processes.
  • Demonstrate ethical leadership skills in accordance with Ignatian values.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills for personal and organizational leadership.
  • Demonstrate deliberate reflective practice as a means for professional formation.

Because the organizational leadership degree is offered entirely online, you can complete the courses on your timeframe, allowing you the flexibility to keep your job and your income and fit the degree into the various demands of your everyday life. You can use the elective classes to tailor the masters in organizational leadership degree to your unique needs, interests and career goals in areas such as healthcare leadership, leading in business settings or negotiation and conflict resolution. 

According to job data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), organizational leaders will be in demand across the corporate, education, government, and healthcare sectors through 2026.

Below are several positions listed in the 2018 BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook that require strong organizational and leadership skills:

  • CEOs, COOS, general and operations managers in the private or corporate sector who can lead employees to collaborate and build programs that can build productivity and lead a company toward success.
  • Mayors, governors, city managers and county administrators in the public sector who can communicate and work with diverse groups to lead positive change.
  • School superintendents and college and university presidents in the education who require effective leadership and communication skills. 
  • Executive level leaders who can inspire and engage employees and build programs that build productivity and lead a company toward success.
  • Administrators, directors and operation managers in profit and not-for-profit companies who can stay on top of changing technology and keep their company working efficiently.
  • Training and development managers who oversee staff and plan, direct and coordinate programs to enhance the skills of an organization’s employees.
  • Human resources leaders who can solve personnel issues, increase employee morale and train new workers.
  • Management analysts or consultants who can identify and recommend new systems, procedures and organizational changes.
  • Medical and health services managers, administrators and executives who can plan, direct, and coordinate services while adapting to changes in healthcare laws, regulations and technology.

The MSOL degree will help you become a more well-rounded person in all areas of life. “The skills you will acquire in this program can apply to all types of roles you may have in both your professional and personal life such as your church, school, volunteer activities and sports,” says Dr. Oltman. “All of these areas of your life require the flexibility and ability to adapt to change, which can ultimately enhance how you choose to invest your valuable time.”


Creighton University is proud to have earned several top 20 rankings for its online graduate programs in the 2019 US News & World Report surveys. These rankings are based on engagement by instructors; aptitude of students enrolled in the program; expert opinion from high-ranking academic officials at MBA programs; faculty credentials and training; and the availability of diverse learning technologies and other student services.

These rankings include:

  • 20th in Best Online Graduate Business Program
  • 16th in Best Online Graduate Education Programs