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Kyle A . Krehbiel, MD

Assistant Professor


School of Medicine

Kyle A . Krehbiel, MD

Assistant Professor

Research Focus

·         Oncologic imaging, abdominal/pelvic MR, lung cancer screening




Assistant Professor


  • Abdominal Imaging
    Krehbiel, K, Ahmad A, Leyendecker J, Zagoria R. Thermal ablation: update and technique at a high-volume institution. 2008
  • RadioGraphics
    Wile, GE, Krehbiel, KA, Leyendecker, JR, Zagoria, RJ. CT and MR imaging after imaging-guided thermal ablation of renal neoplasms. Radiographics. 2007 Mar-Apr;27(2):325-39; discussion 339-40.
    Mar-April, 27 (2), p. 325-39; 339-40 2007


  • Coronary CTA in Assessing Chest Pain. Uninet publication for continuing medical education credit.  December 2015. 2015
  • Alegent Health Cancer Center Annual Report, 2010. Imaging of Prostate Cancer.
    2010 Annual, p. 16-20 2010
  • Alegent Health Cancer Center Annual Report, 2009. The Role of Radiology in the Management of Pancreatic Cancer.
    2009 Annual, p. 36-38 2009
  • American Journal Roentgenol
    Heilbrun, ME, Zagoria, RJ, Krehbiel, KA, Hall, CM, Garvin, AJ. CT-guided biopsy for the diagnosis of renal tumors before treatment with percutaneous ablation. AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2007 Jun;188(6):1500-5.
    June 2007, 188 (6), p. 1500-5 2007
  • American Journal of Neuroradiology
    Eckard, DA, Krehbiel, KA, Johnson, PL, Raveill, TG, Eckard, VR. Stiff Guide Technique: Technical Report and Illustrative Case. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol 2003 Feb 24: 275-278
    February 2003, p. 275-278 2003

Editing and Reviews

  • Modern Pathology
    Book Review. Zimmerman, RA, Gibby, WA, Carmody, RF, editors: Neuroimaging: Clinical and Physical Principles, Mod. Pathol., p. 14:1021 2001


  • Krehbiel, KA, Zagoria, RJ. Contrast-Enhanced CT during Radiofrequency Ablation Decreases the Rate of Incompletely Treated Renal Tumors. RSNA 2005 oral presentation at inaugural Interventional Oncology Symposium 2005


  • American Board of Radiology Quality Improvement Research, Jan. 2016. Monitoring the Appropriate Utilization of Radiologic Imaging in the Initial Staging and Work up of Patients with Low Stage Prostate Cancer, as defined by the ACR Select Criteria. Kyle Krehbiel, MD; Tami DenOtter, MD


  • Roy Edwards, Jr. Award- Outstanding Intern- Internal medicine
    Internal Medicine - University of Kansas Medical Center
  • Alpha Omega Alpha, junior elected
    University of Kansas, School of Medicine
  • Phi Beta Kappa
    University of Kansas
  • Mortar Board Senior Honor Society
    University of Kansas - Lawrence, Kansas