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Colin O'Reilly, PhD

Associate Professor

Colin O'Reilly


Heider College of Business
Economics & Finance - Business
Institute for Economic Inquiry
HARP - Harper Center for Student Life & Learn

Colin O'Reilly, PhD

Associate Professor

Colin O’Reilly is an Associate Professor of Economics in the Heider College of Business at Creighton University and is also a scholar in the Institute for Economic Inquiry. In 2014 Colin received his Ph.D. in economics from Suffolk University where he studied economic development and violent conflict. His research on institutions and economic development has been published in World Development and Economica. Colin has also published cross-country studies on economic growth and inequality in Empirical Economics and Public Choice

Teaching Interests

  • Institutions and Economic Development


Economics and Finance


Associate Professor


  • Journal of Development Studies
    Ryan H. Murphy, Colin O'Reilly The Expansive Corridor: Testing Acemoglu and Robinson (2019)
    59(7), p. 1060-1075 2023
  • Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy
    Colin O'Reilly, Barriers to entry, entrepreneurship and income inequality within the USA
    11(4), p. 332-356 2022
  • Economica
    O'Reilly, Colin, Ryan H. Murphy An Index Measuring State Capacity, 17892018
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  • European Journal of Political Economy
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  • Public Choice
    Chambers, Dustin and O'Reilly, Colin, The Economic Theory of Regulation and Inequality 2021
  • Journal of Public Choice and Public Finance
    Haveman, Scott and O'Reilly, Colin, Tax Policy and Charitable Giving: An Evaluation of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 and Its Impact on Charitable Contributions 2021
  • Economics of Transition and Institutional Change
    O'Reilly, Colin, Violent Conflict and Institutional Change
    29(2), p. 257-317 2021
  • Quarterly Journal of Finance & Accounting
    Manish, G.P. and O'Reilly, Colin, Financial Regulation and Income Inequality
    53(3), p. 33-52 2020
  • Cato Journal
    Murphy, Ryan and O'Reilly, Colin, Assessing State Capacity Libertarianism
    40(3), p. 735-767 2020
  • Applied Economics Letters
    The champions of capitalism? National leaders and the institutional channel
    27(8) , p. 647-650 2020
  • Journal of Regional Analysis & Policy
    Entry Regulations and Income Inequality at the Regional Level
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    Applying Panel Vector Autoregression to Institutions, Human Capital, and Output
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  • Public Choice
    Banking regulation regulatory capture and inequality
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  • Comparative Economic Studies
    Institutions and Investment in Post Civil War Recovery 
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  • Niederjohn M.S., O’Reilly C. (2019) Integrating the Economic Way of Thinking into US History Courses. In: Hall J., Lawson K. (eds) Teaching Economics. Springer. -0001
  • European Journal of Law and Economics
    Ryan H. Murphy, Colin O'Reilly Freedom through taxation: the effect of fiscal capacity on the rule of law -0001


  • Barriers to Entry, Entrepreneurship and Inequality within the United States Association for Private Enterprise Education Conference 2022 2022
  • Women's Property Rights, Factors of Production and Economic Growth Southern Economics Association Conference 2021 2021
  • Women's Property Rights and Economic Growth Western Economics Association Virtual Conference 2021 2021
  • "Developing the Bottom Billion from the Bottom Up" Invited Public Talk at Emerson College in Boston, MA 2020
  • "Violent Conflict and Institutional Change" Southern Economics Association Conference. Tampa, FL 2019
  • "A Strong US Economy with Risks Around Every Corner" Public Talk to Accounting & Financial Women's Alliance - Omaha, NE (November 2019) 2019
  • "On Track or About to Derail: A Strong Economy with Risks Around Every Corner" Keynote Address at Union Pacific Executive Forum. (Omaha, NE) 2019
  • "Financial Regulation and Income Inequality" Mini-conference for the Quarterly Journal of Accounting and Finance - Institute for Economic Inquiry, Creighton University (July 2019) 2019
  • "Developing the Bottom Billion from the Bottom Up" (Young Scholar) Mont Pelerin Society - Texas (May 2019) 2019
  • "Assessing Economic Understanding in US History" Association of Private Enterprise Education Conference (April 2019) 2019
  • "Violent Conflict and Institutional Change" Association of Private Enterprise Education Conference (April 2019) 2019
  • "Oil Rents and State Economic Policy" Association of Private Enterprise Education Conference (April 2019) 2019
  • Southern Economics Association (November 2018) Presented: Can War Foster Institutional Change? 2018
  • Christopher Newport University (April 2018)Presented: Top Down or Bottom Up? Which Institutions Matter for Economic Development? 2018
  • Association of Private Enterprise Education Conference (April 2018)Presented: Civil War and Institutional ChangePresented: Assessing the Economic Way of Thinking 2018
  • Eastern Economic Association Conference (March 2018)Presented: Civil War and Institutional Change 2018
  • Southern Economic Association (November 2017)Presented: Oil Rents and State Economic Policy 2017
  • Emerson College (October 2017) Presented: F.A. Hayek's Modern Legacy 2017