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Post-Baccalaureate Programs

Post-Bac Courses

PB CourseProfessor/Instructor
BiologyCharles Austerberry
ChemistryMichael Anderson
Analytical ReadingChristina Tingwald
WritingRobert Whipple
MathJames Carlson
PAT Review & PreparationGlobahan Lasaki
Academic ExcellenceMado Juarez
Biomedical SciencesCharles Austerberry
Analytical Reading Part BNgwarsungu Chiwengo
Behavioral ScienceCynthia Jenkins
SociologyCynthia Cook

Insight to Diversity STEM Award Recipient

HS-MACA was recently the recipient of the Insight to Diversity STEM Award for its Post-Baccalaureate programs.

IID Stem Award Logo 2019