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Does cancer seem to “run in your family”?

Our Clinical Partner, CHI Health, maintains a team of cancer genetic counseling experts who can work with you and your medical team to identify and explain genetic findings.

Who Should Consider Genetic Education Testing?

Not all cancers are inherited. Almost 90 percent of cancers are attributed to environmental factors, lifestyle choices or a combination of reasons. You may benefit from genetic counseling and testing for inherited cancer if your family history includes:

  • Cancer that occurs at an early age (50 or younger)
  • Two or more close relatives who have had the same type of cancer or related cancers
  • Cancer that has occurred in more than one generation
  • More than one cancer in the same family member, especially certain combinations such as cancers of the breast/ovary, colon/uterus or melanoma/pancreas
  • A close relative with a rare type of cancer or tumor such as male breast cancer
  • Cancer that develops in both breasts, both ovaries, both kidneys, etc.
  • Other factors associated with inherited cancers, such as multiple colon polyps

REMINDER: Changing technologies continually improve our ability to detect genetic variation. Research results should ALWAYS be clinically validated. Your medical team can direct you to clinical labs that can perform these tests. If you are in the Omaha, NE area, our partners at CHI Health can help you: Cancer Genetics Program.