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Degrees in Classics

Degrees in Classical and Near Eastern Studies

If you love ancient history and wish to better understand ancient customs, myths and events, than pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in classical and Near Eastern civilizations is the perfect option for you.

As a classical and Near Eastern civilizations major, you'll develop diverse perspectives through the study of ancient languages. Throughout the program, you'll need to complete 3 semesters of Arabic, Greek, Hebrew or Latin or demonstrate an equivalent ability. In addition, you'll gain critical and creative insights as you explore the written works and cultures of Greece, Rome and the Near East.

The Creighton CORE Language Requirement

The requirement is that students study a language through the second semester of that language (112). They can satisfy their language requirement by completing ARA 112, GRK 112, HEB 102, or LAT 112.


General Information

Statistically, those who take Greek or Latin tend to score consistently higher on crucial exams (like the MCAT and GRE) than students of modern languages.

You may take a competency exam in an attempt to test out of the CORE requirement. You are exempt from the CORE language requirement if your native language is not English. (If your native language is Ancient Greek or Latin please tell us because there are many things we would like to ask you.)

The internal transcripts sent out by the registrar's office to advisors are not able to tell you if you have satisfied the CORE requirement.

If you think you are a special case, you have the right to ask the Department Chair (Professor Leonard Greenspoon in CANES) for an exception to the rules, though these are rarely granted in practice.

The ARA 115, GRK 115, LAT 115 and SPN 115 summer courses are equivalent to the 101-102 sequences, respectively, and may be used to satisfy the CORE language requirement subject to the rules stated above.