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Musical Theatre & Theatre

Musical Theatre & Theatre

Whether you want to be on stage or behind the scenes, Creighton's Musical Theatre and Theatre program provides you with many opportunities in performance, design, directing, and technical crews. Small classes allow for individualized instruction as you pursue either a BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Theatre degree or a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in Musical Theatre degree.


Musical Theater

The BA in Theatre has three customizable tracks for performance, technical theatre, and musical theatre. The BFA in Musical Theatre provides students with a balance of music/voice, performance, and dance course work. Whether you major or minor in theatre, our courses are designed to give students a varied and extensive understanding of the theories, histories, and practical application of skills. A rich and diverse set of courses prepares students well for the whole stage and also for future studies. Alumni can be found on national tours, in Off-Broadway productions, and in classrooms and non-profit organizations and offices around the country.

Theatre and Musical Theatre are collaborative arts in which each person is necessary for the success of a production. As part of a theatre company and a creative community, students learn to be respectful of others’ ideas, beliefs, and dreams. We believe that the arts are the voice for the human soul. We invite you to find your voice on stage at Creighton today!