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Career Services at Creighton: 4 Helpful Resources for Grad Students

Apr 29, 2022
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Creighton Career Services

If you’re enrolled in a graduate program or professional school, you might already have a specific job title in mind after graduation. Or perhaps you have your sights set on a particular field but aren’t quite sure how that career path will play out. In either case, you could benefit from having some professional guidance to help set your plans in motion or evaluate your options.

Creighton University understands the importance of such resources, which is why its Career Center provides support for current and former graduate students.

4 Examples of how Creighton graduate students can benefit from career services

We enlisted members of the department to learn more about how these career services resources help Creighton students succeed.

1. Get help polishing your resume, cover letter and CV

Many graduate and professional school students already have ample work experience under their belt. But even seasoned professionals can benefit from having a fresh pair of eyes to review things and provide feedback, according to Jeremy Fisher, director of the John P. Fahey Career Center at Creighton University.

“We help graduate students understand what they bring to the table and how to share that with prospective employers,” Fisher explains. Career advisors are experts in helping you optimize your existing materials and customize different versions for specific jobs.

“Crafting resumes and cover letters is a process,” says Tobias Nownes, assistant director of Mentoring and Graduate Career Advising at Creighton. “You might go through several iterations.” He stresses that students should get in touch with the Career Center well before graduation, ideally three to six months ahead of time.

2. Participate in mock interviews and build confidence

Even though the labor market is ripe with opportunities, you’ll still have to put in work to land your dream role. “Right now, the interview is the hardest part of job hunting. You really have to nail it in order to get an offer,” Fisher says.

Since the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, recruiters turned to online interviews, a trend that seems to remain prevalent. Fisher estimates that about 90 percent of job interviews are held on video chat platforms like Zoom and Google Meet, which presents unique challenges.

“It’s more difficult to show your excitement for a company or a job in a virtual setting,” he explains. “You have to figure out how to bring that enthusiasm and energy into the meeting, no matter the format.”

Creighton graduate students can hone their skills by using the virtual mock interview platform, a complimentary resource provided by the university. It is one of the most useful tools in the career center, especially for those with busy schedules. The program combines training and AI-based video practice to help improve your interview skills and build your confidence with features like:

  • Virtual mock interviews for all experience levels, dozens of industries and even graduate school admissions
  • A database of thousands of interview questions with tips on how to answer them
  • The ability to rate and share your interview answers for feedback
  • An interview answer builder for crafting answers to behavioral questions

Nownes shares that many students benefit from recording their mock interviews and analyzing them later for things like lighting, background, eye contact and body language. “It provides a lot of useful insight into how you’re presenting yourself virtually,” he adds. “Pre-pandemic, this skill wasn’t nearly as crucial as it is now.”

3. Gain access to enriching networking opportunities

Helping graduate students connect with alumni and potential employers is a core objective, according to Fisher. There are many ways that the Career Center can help grow your circle of professional contacts, including:

  • Reaching out to alumni: All of Creighton’s career advisors have access to the university’s alumni database. “If you are interested in a specific location or vocation, we’ll comb through the alumni database and try to match you with someone who might have relevant insight,” Fisher explains.
  • Connecting with employers: Creighton partners with organizations ranging from local businesses to Fortune 500 companies, small clinics to expansive hospital systems, public and private schools, and more. In addition to Creighton’s many formal sponsors and local partners in Omaha, the university also works with hundreds of companies across the country. “Our undergraduate and graduate populations are very geographically diverse, so we’re always seeking out new relationships with great employers,” Fisher says.
  • Virtual job fairs: Online career management system Handshake has a built-in platform for virtual job fairs. Employers post jobs and internships and students sign up for short one-on-one conversations with recruiters or join 30-minute informational group sessions. “Students can practice their elevator pitch, learn more about the company and potentially set up a follow-up meeting if it goes well,” Nownes explains. He adds that some people even prefer the virtual environment, as it lacks the noise, distraction and crowds of a similar in-person event.

4. Get guidance during your job search

With all the effort you’re putting into your career hunt, you’re bound to have some exciting job offers come your way. Before you sign the contract, however, you must have a clear idea of your worth.

Career advisors can assist by helping you:

  • Find out how your skills and level of experience (i.e., internships, volunteer and part-time work, education level, etc.) are valued in the market
  • Research career fields and salary averages
  • Investigate cost of living adjustments based on employment location
  • Evaluate your job offer and negotiate salary

All the support you need to land your dream job

At Creighton University, your invitation to utilize the university’s career services never expires. Upon completion of your program, you are welcomed into the Blue Jay family and have lifetime access to these support resources.

This is just one of the many reasons why Creighton is acknowledged by U.S. News & World Report as one of the “Best Colleges in the Nation.” Learn more about Creighton University’s nationally recognized online graduate degree programs.

Current Creighton students and alumni can get in touch with a career advisor today by scheduling an appointment through Handshake or calling 402.280.2722.


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