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Have the Confidence to Earn a Graduate Degree Online

Oct 14, 2020
5 min Read

Now is the Time to Achieve a Graduate Degree Virtually

By Caleb Jones

No matter where you are in you academic or professional career, you have probably felt the shift of your daily routine toward the virtual world. Your life most likely revolves around computers and devices more than it ever has before. Every person has a different experience with technology, but chances are you have learned more about how to use your devices, how to interact through technology and how to use the tools of the internet to continue to pursue your projects, interests and passions. It is time to put those skills to good use.

As a Jesuit institution of higher learning, our goal is to empower you in your educational journey, especially during these unprecedented times. While online learning may not be the ideal circumstance for everyone, there are some serious advantages to pursuing online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as some very good reasons you should feel confident in your ability to achieve a graduate degree online.

YOU HAVE THE SKILLS: Using technology to accomplish your tasks can sometimes feel like a daunting endeavor, but here’s the thing: you already have the skills! If you have ever operated a smart phone or personal computer, you already know all you need to learn online. Even if you have zero experience with computers, most institutions will have the tools and support you will need to feel confident about virtual learning. Creighton, for example, offers support through Do IT: Creighton’s Division of Information Technology. No need to fear; Do IT can help you with any of your technological concerns. 

NOW IS THE TIME: Now is your moment to learn online. As of October 2020, most institutions nationwide have shifted to an online learning modality. The good news is that, according to in their 2020 online education trends report, student satisfaction with online learning is high – overall 95% of online learners would recommend distanced education to others. Because much of the student body is learning online, infrastructure for online learning is more refined than ever. According to the 2020 trends in college career and employment planning, seventy percent of business leaders agree that the overall quality of online education has increased as a result of changes related to the coronavirus.

VIRTUAL INTERACTIONS ARE KEY TO THE CAREERS OF THE FUTURE: As you have probably heard from educational institutions you have been a part of before, technology is now a fundamental part of the professional workspace. According to, companies look for candidates who have a proven ability to learn new technology and can quickly put their training into action. In most careers today, computers play a fundamental role. Microsoft Word, Office, and other programs are now common parlance. But the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted specifically the need for individuals with experience communicating and working from a distance. Earning a graduate degree online will give you the confidence to work and participate effectively in a world changed by the pandemic.

ALL THE PERKS OF A GRADUATE DEGREE, FROM YOUR HOME: Believe it or not, overall online enrollment at universities continues to grow every year. All the benefits of earning a graduate degree are still very much a part of earning your degree online. The opportunities for career advancement, career change, greater earning potential, and skill enhancement are still there. No longer required are the evening drives to the university to attend class. All these skills and opportunities can be gained right here, in your own home.

GRADUATE SCHOOLS ARE PREPARED WITH HIGH QUALITY PROGRAMS: You may be surprised by the high-quality courses offered by many universities, even now during the pandemic. Faculty and staff are still hard at work planning engaging and formative courses. For example, we offer a variety of online courses—some completed in 4-8 weeks, as well as complete degrees.

All of this to say, if you wish to elevate your education or you simply have a desire to learn during these uncertain times, you needn’t be afraid. Universities are ready with excellent online graduate programs. Above all else, you have the tools, skills, and support you need to succeed in online graduate level learning.