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Samer Al-khateeb, PhD

Associate Professor


Computer Science, Design, Journalism
College of Arts and Sciences
Computer Science & Informatics
HCCA - Hitchcock Center for Communication Art - 203 A

Samer Al-khateeb, PhD

Associate Professor

Samer Al-khateeb is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science, Design and Journalism (CSDJ), specializes in the quantitative analysis of publicly available social media data related to topics such as deviance in social media, social cyber forensics, social bots, internet trolls, disinformation/misinformation, fake news, and cyber propaganda campaigns. He also has experience with qualitative analysis, such as directed and summative content analysis, e.g., topic modeling, toxicity, sentiments, and correlation analysis. His most recent research examines the use of social science theories to construct computer simulation models. He is currently working on a project to model the mob phenomenon by leveraging factors extracted from social science theories and deep learning. The project aims to develop a model that can simulate mobs to gain a deeper insight into the behaviors of those involved in the mob and to predict the outcome of such events.

Teaching Interests

  • Computer and Information Science

Research Focus

  • Analysis and Modeling of:
    • Deviant Behaviours on Social Media.
    • Cyber Collective Actions.
    • Mobs, Deviant Cyber Flash Mobs (DCFMs).
    • Cyber Propaganda Campaigns.
  • Social Network Analysis (SNA).
  • Social Cyber Forensics (SCF) techniques, methodologies, and tools.
  • Social Computing and Social Media Mining.
  • Social Bots Behaviors, Evolution, and Detection.
  • Content analysis, e.g., toxicity, sentiments, and correlation analysis.
  • Modeling of Human Behavior, e.g., Agent-based Modeling.


Computer Science, Design and Journalism


Associate Professor