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Kristie N . Briggs, PhD

Director, DBA Program


Kristie Briggs


Heider College of Business
Economics & Finance - Business
Business Administration DBA (Doctorate)
Graduate School
HARP - Harper Center for Student Life & Learn

Kristie N . Briggs, PhD

Director, DBA Program


Kristie Briggs is an Associate Professor of Economics at Creighton University. She received her Ph.D. in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with fields of specialization in international trade, economic development, and the economics of innovation and intellectual property rights. She enjoys an active research agenda both independently and with her students. Kristie has published in journals such as Southern Economic Journal, Research Policy, and Applied Economics; she has given numerous presentations, and was an invited speaker at the U.S. Department of the State. 

A more complete listing of scholarship, teaching, and research interests can be found on my Curriculum Vitae.

Teaching Interests

  • International Trade

Research Focus

The primary focus of my research is on international trade and intellectual property rights, with a focus on their role and impact in developing countries.


Economics and Finance




  • Managerial and Decision Economics
    [FORTHCOMING] Kruse, D., Briggs, K., & Neuman, E.J. Mitigating Endogeneity in Corporate Social Responsibility Research: An Investigation Using A Neoclassical Production Function. 2021
  • Journal of Economic Insight
    [FORTHCOMING] Briggs, K., Knight, M. & Mueller-Fichepain, D. The Linder hypothesis and trade of intellectual property services. Journal of Economic Insight. 2021
  • Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy
    Briggs, K. Prescribing originality: investigating the impact of original knowledge on patent quality in the pharmaceutical sector.
    10(1), p. 78-97 2021
  • The Journal of Developing Areas
    Briggs, K., Sheehan,K. Services trade liberalization and economic growth
    53(4), p. 101-114 2019
  • International Journal of the Economics of Business
    Briggs, K., Buehler, D. An analysis of technologically radical innovation and breakthrough patents 
    25(3), p. 341-365 2018
  • The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy
    Briggs, K. The impact of innovaton on financial and insurance services exports
    17(4) 2017
  • International Journal of Development Issues
    Briggs K. Innovative partnerships resulting from high skilled emigration.
    16(2), p. 161-173 2017
  • International Trade Journal
    Braymen, C., Briggs, K. The effect of real exchange rate volatility on the trade of educational services
    31(4), p. 299-316 2017
  • Applied Economics Letters
    Braymen, C., Briggs, K. Income differences in services trade partners
    22(8), p. 593-596 2015
  • Research Policy
    Briggs K. Co-owner relationships conducive to high quality joint patents.
    44(8), p. 1566-1573 2015
  • Applied Economics
    Briggs, K., Wade, M. More is better: evidence that joint patenting leads to quality innovation
    46(35), p. 4370-4379 2014
  • Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy
    Briggs, K. N., Eiermann, J., McNamara, E. A., Hodgson, T. Reducing copyright piracy using entrepreneurial intermediary platforms.
    3(2), p. 306-316 2014
  • Journal of International Trade & Economic Development
    Briggs, K., Park, W. G. There will be exports and licensing: The effects of patent rights and innovation on firm sales
    23(8), p. 1112-1144 2014
  • Applied Economics Letters
    Briggs, K. Institutional quality as a barrier to trade
    20(16), p. 1453-1458 2013
  • International Review of Economics & Finance
    Briggs, K. Does patent harmonization impact the decision and volume of high technology trade?
    25(1), p. 35-51 2013
  • Academy of Management Learning & Education
    Briggs, K., Workman, J., York, A. Collaborating to Cheat: A Game Theoretic Exploration of Academic Dishonesty in Teams
    12(1), p. 4-17 2013
  • Global Economy Journal
    Briggs, K. Patents , Technology Adaptation, and Exports to Developing Countries
    12(1), p. 1-18 2012
  • Journal of Applied Economics & Policy
    Briggs, K., Brown, S. The Impact of Institutional Enforcement Mechanisms On Perceived Intellectual Property Protection
    31(1), p. 1-24 2012
  • Southern Economic Journal
    Braymen, C., Briggs, K., Boulware, J. R&D and the Export Decision of New Firms
    78(1), p. 191-210 2011
  • Journal of Economic Studies
    Briggs, K. Intellectual property rights and development: The spatial relationships
    37(5), p. 525-543 2010
  • Southern Journal of Entrepreneurship
    Braymen C., Briggs K. How Far Will They Go? Intellectual Property and the Range of Market Participation by Nascent Firms , (Currently the American Journal of Entrepreneurship)
    3, p. 66-87 2010