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Laura Marie Danielson, MD

Assistant Professor

Laura Danielson


School of Medicine
Neurology Residency Program

Laura Marie Danielson, MD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Danielson graduated from University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine for medical school then went on to complete neurology residency training at West Virginia University (WVU) in 2019. During residency, she earned a Master’s in Clinical and Translational Science, also at WVU. After that she completed a Neuromuscular Medicine fellowship at University Hospitals/Case Western Reserve University where she received training in neuromuscular diseases, electromyography as well as the growing field of neuromuscular ultrasound.

Besides developing the use of neuromuscular ultrasound at CHI Health/Creighton University she also hopes to continue her work in neurology advocacy at both the state and national level.

During training, she participated in “Neurology on the Hill” several times, advocating for neurology to both Representative and Senate offices.

Teaching Interests

  • Neuromuscular Medicine




Assistant Professor


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Editing and Reviews

  • Muscle & Nerve
    Danielson, Laura; Hansen, Michael; Miller, J; Preston, David; Katirji, Bashar, Ultrasound Findings in Hereditary Neuralgic Amyotrophy -0001


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  • Grand Rounds - Neuromuscular ultrasound -0001