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George P Hemstreet, MD, PhD



School of Medicine
Department of Urology Fellowships

George P Hemstreet, MD, PhD


Dr. Hemstreet as a clinician scientist obtained his Ph.D. following his medical training in Microbiology and Immunology. After completing his surgical residency his career developed as a clinical urologist and basic science researcher by utilizing his immunological background as it applied to tumor immunology and infectious disease and later to biophysical cytochemistry. Subsequently his career interests focused on the development of and validation of quantitative fluorescence image analysis for assaying proteins in single cells and more recently to the area of tissues proteomics (zeptomole level with a 15% variance). Early in his career he pioneered the field of molecular epidemiology and biomarkers when he scientific and medical director of Notification and Screening Program for workers exposed to aniline dyes sponsored by Workers Institute and NIOSH. This study contributed to defining the then new discipline of molecular epidemiology. The microscope based fluorescence technique used in this study was automated incorporating fluorescence imaging. This technology was later recognized by the National Research Council where Dr. Hemstreet served as Vice Committee for the committee on Biomarkers in Urinary Toxicology. The two year sojourn spawned the EDRN and served as a basis for increasing the funding for cancer prevention at the NCI. This leadership imitative was preceded by the programming of a fluorescence microscope for single cell proteomics. The sensitivity of this methodology defined alterations in nuclear and cytoplasmic actin depolymerization (G-actin/F-actin ratio) explaining the cardinal single cell signature of malignancy (nuclear cytoplasmic ratio). The instrumentation and the analysis of over 15,000 samples scientifically validated Slaughter”s hypothesis of molecular field disease in bladder cancer biopsy specimens which subsequently was further verified by a large bladder cancer six year longitudinal cohort study in five Chinese provinces. These concepts were vitally important for the integrated conceptual appreciation of biomarkers as it related to defining malignant associated dysplasia’s (Linxien Study) that heralded the malignant cancer phenotype. During these studies Dr. Hemstreet was the founder of a biomedical research company CytoDiagnostics which became the centerpiece and financial backbone for the establishment the Biomedical Research Park Associated with the University of Oklahoma Medical Center. The role of biomarkers for pharmacological monitoring of drug effects on cellular differentiation so key to chemoprevention was introduced. More recently, a method was developed for studying the proteomic changes in the human tissues microenvironment, a concept initially hypothesized in the National Research Council Report.

Teaching Interests

  • Urologic Oncology, Immunology, Biomarkers in Molecular Biology






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  • Current Urology Reports
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  • Urology
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  • Urology
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  • Biotechniques
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  • Cancer
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Editing and Reviews

  • Journal of Urology
    Hemstreet GP. Quantification of 5-aminolevulinic acid induced fluorescence improves the specificity of bladder cancer detection. (Editorial comment)
    166(5), p. 1665 2001


  • Unemed New Invention Contributor 2009
  • Citation for Meritorious Services to the Oklahoma City Bombing Victims
    American Medical Association
  • Biological Markers in Urinary Toxicology
    National Research Council, ed. Washington, DC
  • Honorable Visiting Professor
    Department of Urological Oncology, Cancer Institute (Hospital)
    Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing, China
  • George Lynn Cross Research Professorship
    The University of Oklahoma
  • Visiting Professor
    Department of Urology, Chongging Cancer Institute, Beijing, China
    Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine
  • Young Investigators Award