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Molly J . Hiatt, MD

Assistant Professor


School of Medicine

Molly J . Hiatt, MD

Assistant Professor




Assistant Professor


  • World Journal of Hepatology
    Dhaliwal A, Larson D, Hiat M, Muinov LM, Harrison WL, Sayles H, Sempokuya T, Olivera MA, Rochling FA, McCashland TM. Impact of sarcopenia on mortality in patients undergoing liver re-transplantation.
    12(10), p. 807-815 2020
  • Am J Surg
    Hiatt MJ, Casey MJ, Lynch HT, Snyder CL, Stacey M, Walters RW. Efficacy of proximal colectomy for surgical management of right-sided first colorectal cancer in Lynch Syndrome mutation carriers.
    216(1), p. 99-105 2018


  • Hiatt, M. Direct to consumer genetic testing. UNMC Internal Medicine Department. 2019
  • Hiatt, M., Casey, M., Lynch, H., et al. Efficacy of proximal colectomy in management of first right CRC in Lynch syndrome mutation carriers. Poster presented at St. Alberts Day in Omaha, Nebraska 2016
  • Hiatt, M., Killpack, T., Crouch, W., & Fassbinder-Orth, C. Alphavirus infection impairs growth and development of altricial nestling birds. Poster presented at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology annual meeting in San Francisco, California. 2013


  • Senior Seminar Award
    UNMC Internal Medicine