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Molly J . Hiatt, MD

Assistant Professor

Molly Hiatt


School of Medicine

Molly J . Hiatt, MD

Assistant Professor




Assistant Professor


  • World Journal of Hepatology
    , Dhaliwal A, Larson D, Hiat M, Muinov LM, Harrison WL, Sayles H, Sempokuya T, Olivera MA, Rochling FA, McCashland TM. Impact of sarcopenia on mortality in patients undergoing liver re-transplantation.
    12(10), p. 807-815 2020
  • Am J Surg
    , Hiatt MJ, Casey MJ, Lynch HT, Snyder CL, Stacey M, Walters RW. Efficacy of proximal colectomy for surgical management of right-sided first colorectal cancer in Lynch Syndrome mutation carriers.
    216(1), p. 99-105 2018


  • Hiatt, M. Direct to consumer genetic testing. UNMC Internal Medicine Department. 2019
  • Hiatt, M., Casey, M., Lynch, H., et al. Efficacy of proximal colectomy in management of first right CRC in Lynch syndrome mutation carriers. Poster presented at St. Albert’s Day in Omaha, Nebraska 2016
  • Hiatt, M., Killpack, T., Crouch, W., & Fassbinder-Orth, C. Alphavirus infection impairs growth and development of altricial nestling birds. Poster presented at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology annual meeting in San Francisco, California. 2013


  • Senior Seminar Award
    UNMC Internal Medicine