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Taylor R . Keen, MPA, MBA



Heider College of Business
Marketing & Management - Business
HARP - Harper Center for Student Life & Learn - 3011

Taylor R . Keen, MPA, MBA


Taylor Keen is a full time instructor in the Heider College of Business Administration in Strategy and Entrepreneurship. Keen is also the Founder of Sacred Seed, a not-for-profit entity whose mission is to propagate tribal seed sovereignty, battle for tribal sacred geography and the seek cultural revitalization among tribal peoples. Currently, Keen is embarking on a journey with indigenous seeds of the upper Missouri River tribes to grow, harvest and celebrate the cosmology of the 4 Sisters (corn, bean, squash, and sunflower). Additionally, from his book-in-progress, he incorporates teachings of the sacred masculine / feminine of tribal peoples including the cosmology of Mother Corn and the Earth Mother goddess. Keen holds a bachelor's degree from Dartmouth College as well as a Master's of Business Administration and Masters of Public Administration from Harvard University, where he served as a Fellow in the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development. Taylor is the author of the book-in-progress entitled "Rediscovering America: Sacred Geography, the Ancient Earthen Works and an Indigenous History of Turtle Island”. Keen is Trustee Emeritus of the Nebraska State Historical Society, Board member Emeritus of the Humanities Nebraska, and Chairman Emeritus of the Blackbird Bend Corporation (The Omaha Nation of Nebraska and Iowa’s Economic Development Corporation).

Teaching Interests

  • Game theory, applied strategy and econometrics

Research Focus

Behavioral Economics, Ancient Native America Studies, Agronomy, history, ethno-botany.


Marketing and Management




  • The Handbook of North American Indians, Indians in Contemporary Society
    Tribal Sovereignty and Economic Development
    2 2008


  • Presentation on book-in-progress "Rediscovering America: Sacred Geography, the Ancient Earthen Works and the Real Story of America." 2015