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Andrew S . Little, MD



School of Medicine

Andrew S . Little, MD



Surgery (Phoenix)




  • World Neurosurgery
    Cole TS, Potla S, Sarris CE, Przybylowski CJ, Baranoski JF, Mooney MA, Barranco FD, White WL,Eschbacher JM, Little AS. Rare Thyroid Transcription Factor 1-Positive Tumors of the Sellar Region: Barrow Neurological Institute Retrospective Case Series. 2019
  • Pituitary
    Cole TS, Jahnke H, Godzik J, Morgan CD, Nakaji P, Little AS. Use of a wrist-mounted device for continuous outpatient physiologic monitoring after transsphenoidal surgery: a pilot study.
    Volume 22, Issue 2, p. 156-162 2019
  • Journal of Neurosurgery
    Brachman DG, Youssef E, Dardis CJ, Sanai N, Zabramski JM, Smith KA, Little AS, Shetter AG, Thomas T, McBride HL, Sorensen S, Spetzler RF, Nakaji P. Resection and permanent intracranial brachytherapy using modular, biocompatible cesium-131 implants: results in 20 recurrent, previously irradiated meningiomas., p. 1-10 2018