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Carol M . Murdock, BA, MBA, DDS

Associate Professor

Carol Murdock


School of Dentistry
Diagnostic Sciences
Faculty - Dentistry
Oral Health Promotion
SOD - School of Dentistry

Carol M . Murdock, BA, MBA, DDS

Associate Professor

Private fulltime Dental practitioner from July 1984- July 1998 Faculty appointment in August 1998 with part-time private practice. Administrative appointment in March 2014- present

Teaching Interests

  • General Dentistry

Research Focus

Dental composite bonding; ceramics, caries


Oral Health Promotion


Associate Professor


  • Quintessence international
    Latta, M. A., Kelsey, W. P., Murdock, C. M. Effects of adhesive liner and provisional cement on the bond strength of nickel/chrome/beryllium alloy cemented to dentin
    36, p. 817-823 2005


  • Amer Acad Oral Maxillofacial Radiology
    Benn DK, Cooper RL, Davis SGL, DeFord K, Gerner JG, Higginbotham DR, McNally SJ, Murdock CM, Nunn ME, Shaddy SS, Rocha-Sanchez SM. New clinical impression scanning method for validating cavitation in bitewing radiography.
    65th Annual Session, p. 88-89 2014
  • J Dent Res
    Latta, M., Murdock, CM, Cavel, T., DiLorenzo, S.,Clinical Evaluation of Two Class 5 resins. J. Dent Res 2013 Abstract 2013
  • J Dent Res
    Murdock, CM., Latta, M., Cavel, T., DiLorenzo, S. Clinical Evaluation of Two Self Etching Adhesives. J. Dent Res 2010 Abstract 686 2010


  • “Silver Amalgam: To Bond or Not to Bond?” Continuing Education Creighton University March 2001 2015
  • Clinical Evaluation of Two Self-Etching Adhesives International Association of Dental Research Annual Session Barcelona, Spain July 15, 2010 2010


  • Benn DK, Cooper R.L, Higginbotham DR, McNally SJ, Murdock CM, Shaddy SS, Nunn ME, Edwards S, Olsen-Keeler KL, Davis GL, DeFord K, Gerner JG, Rocha-Sanchez SM. Testing of a New Clinical Method to Detect Interproximal Cavitated Caries. Caries Research. Submitted July 2014. (Not accepted)


  • Inducted
    International College of Dentists
    International College of Dentists, Fellow Inducted Fall 2012
    International College of Dentists, Fellow
  • topDentists Omaha
    topDentists Omaha 2011-2015
  • Inducted
    Omicron Kappa Upsilon- Honor Dental Society Inducted 2002
    Omicron Kappa Upsilon- Honor Dental Society
  • Inducted
    Pierre Fauchard Academy Inducted 2001
    Pierre Fauchard Academy
  • Charles Craig Teaching Award
    A National Award in recognition of outstanding performance as a dental educator during five or fewer years of service on the faculty