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Nicole M. Nielsen, PharmD, BCACP, APh, MEHP

Assistant Professor


School of Pharmacy and Health Professions
Faculty - Pharmacy, OT, PT
Pharmacy Faculty
Pharmacy Practice
Pharmacy Practice Faculty
HLSB - Hixson Lied Science Building - 155

Nicole M. Nielsen, PharmD, BCACP, APh, MEHP

Assistant Professor

Teaching Interests

  • Ambulatory Care


Pharmacy Practice


Assistant Professor


  • Pharmacotherapy
    Nielsen, N, Atopic Dermatitis. PharmacotherapyFirst: a Multimedia Learning Resource 2019
  • Nielsen, N., Atopic Dermatitis. Case-based Learning. PharmacotherapyFirst: A multimedia Learning Resource. 2019
  • Nielsen, N., Atopic Dermatitis: Faculty Materials. PharmacotherapyFirst: A Multimedial Learning Resource. 2019


  • Diabetes an Ever-changing Landscape. Platform Presentation at California Pharmacists association Western Pharmacy Exchange, Las Vegas, NV 2022
  • SGLT 2 Inhibitors: New Frontiers in Diabetes Kidney Disease. Platform Presentations at California Society of Health-System Pharmacists Seminar, Anaheim, CA 2021
  • Escaping the Lecture- Breaking from monotony, the Use of Virtual Escape Rooms in Education. Platform Presentation at the Academy of Process Education Virtual meeting 2021
  • Is it over for Metformin? Platform Presentation at California Pharmacists Association Western Pharmacy Exchange, Palm Springs, CA 2021
  • Paperless TBL: Streamline Grading and Faster Feedback. Poster Presentation. Team-based Leaning Collaborative. Tampa FL. West Coast University, California health Sciences University. 2019
  • Improvement of Communication and Reading Proficiency for ESL Students Through TBL and Use of Team Roles. Poster Presentation. Team-based Learning Collaborative, Tampa, FL 2019
  • Assessing the implementation of mentorship program for the Professional development of pharmacy students, student poster presentation. ASHP Annual Meeting. Anaheim, CA 2018
  • The Impact of students' behavioral skills following participation of community and civic engagement services in Fresno county. student poster presentation. ASHP Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA 2018
  • Preparing Advanced practice Pharmacists: Developing physical Assessment Competence through stimulation, Team based Learning and inter professional education. Poster Presentation. AACP Annual Meeting. Boston, MA 2018
  • An integrative Approach to Students' self-awareness using global learning outcomes (GLOs) Poster Presentation. AACP Annual meeting. Nashville, TN 2017
  • Decision Analysis of a Clinical Pharmacy Service for the management of Patients on direct Oral Anticoagulant Therapy. Poster Presentation. AMCP Nexus Conference. University of California at San Diego, San Diego, CA; sharp Rees-steely Medical Group sharp Healthcare, San Diego, CA 2016
  • Clinical Pharmacy medication Therapy Management and Patient follow-u[ improve real-world adherence to novel Oral Anticoagulants: a Single Center Prospective Study. Poster Presentation. AMCP annual meeting Xcenda, Palm Harbor, FL, Sharp Reese-Stealy, San Diego, CA, The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy, Columbus OH 2016


  • Faculty advisor of the year
    West Coast University
  • Outstanding Student Organization Advisor Award
    California Health Science University
  • Natural Standard Research Collaboration Award
  • Dean's list Lipscomb University