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Peter Stephen Steyger, PhD


Biomedical Sciences

P Steyger


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Biomedical Sciences
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Translational Hearing
CRISS I - Criss 1 - 431

Peter Stephen Steyger, PhD


Biomedical Sciences

My unique expertise in mechanisms of iatrogenic hearing loss originates from acquiring hearing loss via treatment with the life-saving aminoglycosides when afflicted with bacterial meningitis as an infant. I recognize how critical it is to translate our now wide-ranging collective knowledge in the etiologies of hearing loss and vestibular disorders into efficacious strategies that preserve or restore optimal hearing and vestibular function to maximize the personal goals, familial relationships, friendships and career trajectories of those afflicted with these sensory disorders.  

Research Focus

Aminoglycoside-induced toxicity
Cisplatin-induced toxicity
Mechanisms of neuro- and cytotoxicity
Physiology of Blood-Labyrinth Barrier
Trafficking of drugs and nutrients across blood barriers
Hearing Loss


Biomedical Sciences




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  • Hospital medication-induced hearing loss presented during ENT Fall Education Series at the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center 2022
  • Mechanisms of Drug-induced Hearing Loss during Research Brainstorming virtual meeting 2022
  • Poster Presentation: F Taghizadeh, M Jiang, W Meier, P Steyger. TLR4 and MyD88 Activation of TRPV1 Modulates Cellular Uptake of Aminoglycosides. 45th Annual Mid-Winter Meeting of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology, San Jose, CA, 1/2020 2020
  • Podium Presentation: F Taghizadeh, M Jiang, W Meier, P Steyger TLR4 and MyD88 activation of TRPV1 modulates cellular uptake of aminoglycosides. 2nd International Society for Inner Ear Therapeutics, Hannover, Germany, 11/2019 2019
  • Keynote speaker: Otopathology of ototoxicity and noise exposure: From animal models to audiological management, NCRAR biennial conference, Portland VA, OR, Sept 2019 2019


  • University Research Award
    Creighton University
  • Keynote Speaker
    Keynote speaker: Otopathology of ototoxicity and noise exposure: From animal models to audiological management, NCRAR biennial conference, Portland VA, OR, Sept 2019.
    NCRAR biennial conference
  • Guest Editor
    Research topic: Cellular Mechanisms of Ototoxicity.
    Frontiers in Celluar Neuroscience
  • Guest Editor
    Research topic: Drug delivery to the inner ear.
    Frontiers in Celluar Neuroscience
  • Lead Discussant
    Ototoxicity Sub-committee for Pharmaceutical Interventions for Hearing Loss (PIHL), Hearing Center of Excellence, US Department of Defense
    Hearing Center of Excellence (DOD)
  • Associate Editor
    Frontiers in Medicine - Translational Medicine