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Nicholas L . Townley, MD

Assistant Professor


School of Medicine

Nicholas L . Townley, MD

Assistant Professor




Assistant Professor


  • American Journal of Perinatology Reports
    Term neonate with atypical hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy presentation: a case report. Nicholas Townley, E McNellis, V Sampath. 2019


  • JCI: Insight
    Xia S, Menden HL, TOWNLEY N, Mabry SM, Johnston J, Nyp MF, Heruth DP, Korfhagen T, Venkatesh S., Delta-like 4 is required for pulmonary vascular arborization and alveolarization in the developing lung.
    6(7) 2021


  • Infants - Living on the Edge- of Viability - OB Grand Rounds 2020
  • Delta Like 4 (DLL4), an Endothelial Specific Notch Ligand Is Critical for Lung Vascular Arborization and Alveolarization. V. Sampath, H. Menden, N. Townley, S. Mabry, M. Nyp, D. Thibeault, S. Xia. American Thoraic Society International Conference. Dallas Texas 2019
  • Capturing Unplanned Extubations and Identifying Causative Factors. Nicholas Townley, Kerrie A. Meinert, Nesha Park, K. Rao Andrea Raymond, Barb Haney, Eugenia K. Pallotto. Quality Improvement Symposium. Pediatric Academic Society Annual Meeting, Toronto Canada 2018
  • Expression of DLL4 in BPD. Nicholas Townley, M Nyp, S.M. Mabry, H Menden, S Xia, M Navarro, D Thibeault, V Sampath. Kansas City, MO. Children's Mercy Hospital, 2017 2017
  • Unplanned Extubations in the NICU: A Never Event? Kerrie A. Meinert, Nesha Park, Nicholas Townley, Andrea Raymond, Barb Haney, Adebayo Oshodi, Eugenia K. Pallotto. Poster presentation at the CHNC Annual Symposium in Columbus, Ohio 2017