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Dentistry Student Resources

In addition to classroom and clinic access, our students have the opportunity to utilize Creighton’s Health Sciences Library, as well as tutoring services and chaplain services. You can also find out about related policies and resources below.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions or comments about the resources Creighton offers you, please get in touch with Colette O’Meara-McKinney, EdD, our Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, at either, or 402.280.2006.

Catholic Mass is held every Wednesday at 12:10 p.m. in the St. Ignatius of Loyola Chapel on the 2nd floor of the School of Dentistry building located at 2109 Cuming St. Students, faculty, staff and the public may also come to the chapel at any time for quiet reflection.

Students have the opportunity to utilize the Health Sciences Library’s physical, digital, and multimedia holdings in conducting their research. To review our catalog—which includes over 20 dentistry journals—as well as to review our hours, request materials or an interlibrary loan, or to contact our library staff, please visit the Health Sciences Library online.

In the unlikely event that you experience trouble academically, we offer some tutorial assistance for students. See the complete tutorial assistance program policy.  

Attendance for final examinations is required except for cases involving

  • illness
  • certain family matters
  • interviewing for a postdoctoral, discipline-based specialty program

For purposes of final examinations, these are considered excused absences.  In the case of the latter example cited above, evidence from the hosting institution must be provided indicating that a student’s presence is required on a particular time and date.  A listing of activities not judged to be valid exceptions for taking a scheduled final examination would include (but not be limited to):

  • interviews for GPR programs
  • interviews for AEGD programs
  • job interviews
  • shadowing exercises
  • externships

With respect to final examinations, the above are considered non-excused absences.  Please note, the designation of “excused” and “non-excused” absence for final examinations differs from that applied regular, daily activities and defined by the Policy on Excused Absences.  If a question exists as to whether participation in a proposed activity constitutes an excused or non-excused absence, clarification should be sought from the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions.

Some courses offer final examinations prior to a period designated for such and some administer their final exams during the scheduled examination period.  This policy covers both situations.  Before agreeing to participate in one of the non-excused activities, check the school’s final examination schedule.  It will have the dates of all final examinations offered, including those not occurring during the final examination period.

If a final examination is not taken on its scheduled date because of an unexcused absence, as defined above, a grade of “F” will be issued and it will be a part of the student’s permanent academic record.  Arrangements must then be made between the student and the course director for remediation and testing. The grade earned on this examination will be used to calculate the student’s grade in the course and his/her GPA.  The original “F” will remain on the transcript.

Adopted:  02-16-15

Service-learning externships are a required component of the senior dental education curriculum (CPD 412). Senior dental students serve in a public health dental clinic and provide diagnostic, restorative and surgical care to underserved populations.

You may also seek other elective externships during your time in dental school. Elective externships may include clinical experiences where you will provide direct patient care or an educational/administrative externship where you will gain experience in the management and operation of health clinics or dental public health programs. View the complete externship policy and request form.