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Program Types

Creighton-In + ISEP Exchange Programs:

These programs are offered through Creighton, and students keep all scholarships abroad! Creighton closely partners with many institutions abroad to offer high-quality study abroad opportunities for all Creighton students. Participants will pay tuition and fees (and sometimes room and board) to Creighton and receive the equivalent abroad.

Programs Outside Creighton's Partnerships

If you are interested in a program outside of Creighton’s existing options, you must first check with your academic advisor and major department to find out if they support the coursework offered on that program and the host institution in question. If the department feels that the program provides a strong academic offering, they may communicate this with the Vice Provost of Global Engagement. The deadline to work with GEO toward a participation in a non-Creighton program option is one year prior to the start of the relevant study abroad term. For example, Spring semester program proposals must be presented by January 15 of the prior year, and Fall semester proposals must be presented by August 15 of the prior year.  Processing non-Creighton program options takes significant time, verification of high levels of student support, course accreditation, grade transfer ability, etc. Tuition, room, board, and fees for these programs are paid to the program provider, NOT to Creighton. Discounts and scholarships are not portable. If you have any questions about this process, please contact the GEO directly.

Collage of students in study abroad locations