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Start Here to Study Abroad

  • Fall Semester/Academic Year Programs Abroad:
    • Applications open on Jays Abroad Portal: Dec 15
    • Application deadline for ISEP Exchange priority: Feb 15
    • Application deadline for Creighton-In Programs: March 01
  • Spring Semester Programs Abroad: 
    • Applications open on Jays Abroad Portal: May 15
    • Application deadline for ISEP Exchange priority: Sept 15
    • Application deadline for Creighton-In Programs: October 01
  • Summer Programs Abroad: 
    • Applications open on Jays Abroad Portal: varies by program
    • Application deadline: varies by program

Ready to Start Your Own Adventure Abroad?

Follow the steps below to get started. 

Questions? Stop by to chat with a Study Abroad Peer Ambassador or e-mail your question to

Attend a Getting Started Session virtual or in-person, to figure out the basics of studying abroad here at Creighton and begin your research!

Sessions are held every Friday at 12:30PM when class is in session during the academic term.

In-person: Global Engagement Office, Creighton Hall #324

With so many diverse program options, there is one that will fit you perfectly!  Talk with your academic advisor, the Success Center, your family, or a Peer Ambassador for assistance.  You will also want to apply for a passport at this stage.

Are you a pre-med or nursing student?  Check out a Sample Course Plan for your major to decide where a semester abroad fits best.


  • Do you want to take core courses, electives, or major-specific courses? Note: core and elective courses are usually easiest to find abroad.
  • Have you created a four-year plan with your advisor that includes a study abroad semester?


  • Does the university or institution have a strong program in the field that you are interested in?
  • Would you like to engage in projects or an internship that you would not get in the U.S.?
  • Do you want to live in a big city or a small town?  A developing area or a historical site?  Near an airport or the ocean?  What kind of climate do you prefer?

Financial Aid

  • Do you have federal financial aid that will transfer to the cost of a program?
  • Do you have Creighton scholarships that you must keep in order to afford the program?


  • Many programs in non-English-speaking countries that do offer English courses!  You should plan to take at least one language course abroad to be able to communicate with locals and get around the city.

Program Length

  • Programs range from a couple of weeks up to an entire academic year.  If you want more immersion or to learn a foreign language, the more time spent in the country the better.
  • When can you go abroad without impacting your ability to graduate on time? 
  • When is the best year for you to go abroad?  Note: Creighton students usually go abroad their sophomore year, and sometimes junior year.


  • Do you prefer living in a residence hall? 
  • Consider a host family to practice the native language and immerse yourself in the culture?
  • Are you comfortable in the privacy of an apartment, keeping in mind that you would need to exert more energy to meet new people?


  • Programs vary in the level of immersion: some programs allow you to take courses with local students, while other programs only allow you to take courses with other American students participating on your same program.

Begin your application on the Jays Abroad Portal!

If possible, you should try apply for Study Abroad Approval 6-12 months BEFORE you plan to study abroad. Begin your application online!

Oh, The Places Jays Go!