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Why Creighton University School of Law

For the doors your legal education will open.

Creighton University School of Law offers you a purposeful education - one established on academic excellence, social justice and personal growth. One that will lead you to find your place in the world, and help you discover what is uniquely yours to do. We do that through:

Our professors: Creighton’s law professors don’t run and hide. They’re present. They’re here for you — to counsel you, to challenge you and to help you see how truly far you can go. They don’t have office hours, but have an open-door policy, which means you’re welcome to stop by and ask questions, test theories or just chat. Anytime. Some will even give you their cellphone numbers. Or meet you for coffee. Or a round of golf. You get the idea.

Our community: If you’re looking for a law school where you can slip in and out of class without anyone noticing, don’t choose Creighton. Here, we’re more like a small town than a big city. Your classmates, your professors—they’ll know you. They’ll know your spouse, your kids, your hopes and dreams. They’ll care about how you’re doing and where you’re going.

Our mentoring program: You’ll meet them at orientation. The 2L students who will serve as your mentors for the upcoming school year. They’ve been where you’re going. They’ve taken the courses you’ll be taking. They’ve had the professors you’ll be having. They’ll give you insights. They’ll listen, and they’ll help.

Our small classes: Individual attention. At Creighton School of Law, it happens. Because you’re not one of several hundred law students crammed into a cavernous lecture hall. Our student-faculty ratio is 11-to-1, so your education is engaging, interactive and personal.

Creighton Law is Like Being Part of a Big, Collaborative Family

Creighton Law Classroom
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Raising the Bar

Corianna Kubasta’s deployment to Iraq inspired her legal studies at Creighton where she has gained hands-on experience in the law.

— Corianna Kubasta JD’14

Corianna Kubasta

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