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Law Career Development

We’re here to help shape the future of your dreams.

Some schools call it the Career Center. At Creighton University School of Law, we call it the Career Development Office (CDO). That’s because we’re not a place you go to find a job. We’re the “go-to” place for your career and professional development needs.

Our Approach

From our Lawyer Lunch program series, which puts you face-to-face with law practitioners who are doing what you want to do, to our Interviewing Skills Panel, where local hiring attorneys tell you how to stand out in your interviews, the CDO delivers the programs, activities and career counseling you need to create the future you desire. 

To help you get on the right path:

  • We partner—to craft independent job search strategies
  • We empower—so you can direct your own job search
  • We support—every step in your search
  • We mentor—offering professional advice and relevant information
  • We connect—linking you with employers
  • We respond—to your questions and concerns

“Our professors emphasized the need to be classy, even when zealously advocating for our clients.”

Cesar Magana Linares, JD’22

Immigration Legal Center, Attorney