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Reciprocity Policy

We're here to unite for the greater good.

Creighton University School of Law believes in connecting you with the information and resources you need to achieve all of your goals. That’s what drives our reciprocity agreements with other law schools. 

Review our policy outlined below whether you are a Creighton law student or graduate, or if you are a non-Creighton law student or graduate.

If you’re a Creighton law student or graduate, email Mandy Whiddon, Career Development Coordinator, to find out if other law schools in your area offer reciprocity.

Non-Creighton law students and graduates, we will provide you with reasonable use of our services under these terms: 

1.   Services are available only to students and alumni whose law schools provide privileges to Creighton School of Law students and alumni. 

2.   Requests for reciprocity must be made in writing by a career services official of the requesting law school’s Career Services Office and should indicate the name, address and year of graduation for the student or alumni. The written request should also include a statement of services that the requesting school will provide to our students/alumni. 

3.   This office will notify the requesting law school’s Career Services Office when reciprocity has been granted and a copy of the notification will be sent to the student/graduate. 

4.   Reasonable access to Creighton’s Symplicity, our online job database, will be granted. Reciprocity privileges are extended for a three-month period from the date of granting and may, at Creighton’s discretion, be extended. Reciprocity students and graduates may not schedule on-campus interviews or participate in job fairs. 

5.   The Career Services Office may deny further services to any individual who misuses the facilities or services. The assistant dean for career development may deny further services to any law school surpassing a reasonable number of requests for reciprocity within any academic year or which limits the number of requests by Creighton School of Law students or alumni. 

6.   Reciprocity will be offered throughout the year, except during our blackout periods: August 1 to September 30 and January 1 to February 15.