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Brady Lain

Brady Lain

Brady Lain

Creighton Scholar
Minneapolis, Minn.

Coming to Creighton for law school is sort of a homecoming for me. I started my undergraduate education here and completed three semesters in a pre-med track before transferring to the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Back then, I transferred out of Creighton as, at the time, I was thinking of pursuing a career in biomedical engineering and the U of M was a better choice for that. Funnily enough, I changed my major to philosophy once I was back in my home state.

Creighton seemed such an obvious choice for me to pursue law school. I have family in Minnesota and in Colorado, so Omaha is a good halfway point. I already knew from being here before that I liked Omaha, have friends here and am comfortable here, so I’m very excited to come back. Naturally, being an inaugural Creighton Scholar was admittedly part of the appeal, too. With my LSAT score of 164, I received a full scholarship from Creighton University School of Law and from Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, but I chose Creighton since I was already familiar with the campus and community.

I’m looking forward to having a mentor, but I did some homework and talked to law alumni before making my decision. I researched law firms with Creighton law alumni and cold called several of them to speak about their experiences in law school and beyond and every single person I spoke with has been receptive and very helpful. The same goes for the law school faculty and staff I’ve met during visits to the law school. Everyone associated with the law school has impressed me.

My philosophy in life is to keep my options open. That being said, there are several areas of the law that interest me. After law school, I can see myself working in health law, consulting on international legal matters or working in the jurisprudential side of law. I would be honored to clerk for a state or federal judge.

I am 22 years old and see a lot of possibilities ahead with all that Creighton has to offer. I want to be open-minded to everything that awaits me during law school. This is definitely the right environment for me to pursue my dreams.