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Deeded Body Program

Deeded Body Program

In the course of a year, nearly all of Creighton’s health sciences students will work with or observe work on a donated body. After the year the bodies spend in the lab, Creighton hosts a memorial service for families, where students are able to talk with loved ones and share their gratitude for the deceased family member’s donation.

For more information on the body donation program, contact the Ana­tomical Board of the State of Nebraska at 402.559.6249 or the Creighton Department of Medical Education at 402.280.2542.

Thank You

Creighton health students would like to honor the gift that you and your loved one provided to their education through body donation. To say thank you and to honor our anatomical donors, students have created a thank you video that includes a blessing, poem, and student reflections about what the donations have meant to them.

Thank You

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