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Lynch Comprehensive Cancer Research Center

student researcher in lab reading notes

About the Lynch Comprehensive Cancer Research Center 

The Lynch Comprehensive Cancer Research Center exists to unify cancer research at Creighton University and to carry on the legacy that was created by Henry Lynch, MD. Creighton’s cancer research spans many areas including endometrial, skin, blood, breast, colon, prostate, brain cancer and drug discovery and development.

Hixton Lied Building

Much of Creighton’s Cancer research incorporates collaborative teams of basic scientists and clinicians, allowing for cutting edge research aimed at improving patient care.



Basic Science Director

Interim Clinical Director

Laura A . Hansen, PhD
Lesley B. Conrad, MD, FACOG
Laura A . Hansen, PhDLesley B. Conrad, MD, FACOG

Research Areas

Women’s Cancers (Endometrial and Ovarian Cancer)

Colon Cancer

Chemotherapy-Induced Toxicities

    Skin Cancer

    Lung Cancer

      Breast Cancer

        Brain Cancer

            Drug Discovery and Development

            Head and Neck Cancer

              Blood Cancers

                Age Related Cancer Mechanisms

                    Biorepository of Lynch Legacy Samples

                    Prostate Cancer