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Osteoporosis Research Opportunities

Studies Now Recruiting Participants

Research Opportunity for Post-menopausal Type 1 Diabetic Females

Please call 402.934.0044 to inquire about our studies.

Study Background and Information

Individuals with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM) have an increased risk of sustaining a low-trauma (osteoporotic) fracture that is 7-12 times higher than that of non-diabetics. Individuals with T1DM have been shown to have higher bone density at the time of a fracture than individuals without T1DM. This suggests that T1DM individuals could have an underlying bone structure defect. This study is designed to use various methods to determine how diabetes affects the bone structure.

The potential benefits to participants would be knowledge gained about their bone density and the results of laboratory tests.  On a wider scale, there may be general benefits to society because the knowledge gained from this study may help better understand the effects of diabetes on bone health.

Laura Armas

Dr. Laura Armas is an Endocrinology and Diabetes Specialist at Nebraska Medicine and a Co-Investigator on this study.


Thank you to our study participants

To our Research Participants:

This note is to thank you for volunteering to participate in research studies that we have conducted at the Osteoporosis Research Center. Without the help of our research participants and their generous contributions of time and effort, we could not advance the cause of osteoporosis prevention and treatment. We regard you as our partner in this scientific endeavor and have the greatest respect and admiration for your enthusiastic support.


Robert R. Recker, MD, MACP, FACE