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99% Outcomes Rate for Class of 2023

May 21, 2024
2 min Read
Rachel Stanko

Following in the footsteps of generations of Creighton students, the Class of 2023 strived for personal growth, aiming to become people for and with others in their pursuits across the globe. Their undergraduate years at Creighton left them wholly educated and expertly trained, setting the stage for a lifetime of success.  

Results from the Class of 2023’s First Destination Survey, administered by the John P. Fahey Career Center, indicate another historic year of outcomes rates. Specifically, 99% of Creighton graduates from the Class of 2023 are fully employed, pursuing an advanced degree or volunteering in a service program within six months of graduation. 

The outcomes rate is based on an 85% knowledge rate, meaning that 85% of the alumni from our undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences, College of Nursing and Heider College of Business updated us with their successes. 

For 10 consecutive years, Creighton’s outcomes rate has been 97% or higher. In fact, we have had a 99% outcomes rate in six of the past eight years. The high rate reflects how Creighton prepares students for their next steps through academic support and hands-on experiential learning opportunities.  

The First Destination Survey revealed that 83% of our students engage in at least one internship or research project as an undergraduate. Creighton’s undergraduate research program through CURAS (Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship) is open to all majors, from business to biology to journalism. Students, working alongside faculty-mentors, actively participate in research projects, publish in scientific journals and present at conferences across the U.S. 

The John P. Fahey Career Center at Creighton supports students as they explore career paths, internships and prepare for professional life. The Career Center is a resource to Bluejays beyond graduation as well, connecting alumni to networking, new career opportunities and more. 

According to the First Destination Survey, graduates in the Class of 2023 are living and working in 43 states plus Washington, D.C., and in four countries (Afghanistan, Chile, Mexico and Spain). Of these Bluejay alumni, many are serving in volunteer service programs. Through various domestic and international programs, graduates are making a difference in communities much like they did as students affiliated with Creighton’s Schlegel Center for Service Justice.