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Career Fair Tips and Expectations

The John P. Fahey Career Center is excited to have you join a career fair. Keep in mind the following tips as well as an idea of what to expect throughout the fair, in order to have the best experience possible.

  • Wear a nametag, placing it on your upper right chest/shoulder area for better visibility
  • Introduce yourself to each student in a positive and professional manner - initiate the conversation
  • Smile, project enthusiasm, and offer a firm handshake to create a winning first impression of your organization
  • Stand in front or at the side of your booth - do not sit down or stand behind the booth when speaking to students
  • Don't display negative body language (slouching, chewing gum, fidgeting, not making eye contact or looking around when being spoken to, etc.)
  • Highlight your organization's positions or programs typically available - don't say "we are not hiring"
  • If the student is not currently qualified for your opportunities, remember they may be a qualified applicant in the future and could potentially become a customer of your organization - treat all applicants equally
  • If not accepting resumes, politely explain your application process, but look at their resume and ask them some questions about their major or program, work experiences, or activities - encourage them to apply
  • Hand out business cards, brochures, and make any notes you need to keep track of students you talked to
  • Don't hand out the free give-away items unless you actually speak to the student about your opportunities
  • Before leaving the booth, be sure to thank the student for stopping by
  • Don't leave the Career Fair early - some students have classes and attend when they can

In a recent National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) survey of students attending Career Fairs, #1 key differentiator about whether a student applied with an organization or not was because of the positive (or negative) impression left by the representative(s) recruiting at the Career Fair.