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Quality Initiative

Quality Initiative

The HLC has developed a model for continued accreditation through a program called Pathways. Pathways proposes to separate the continued accreditation process carried out through PEAQ into two components: the assurance process and the improvement process. 

Creighton has selected the Open Pathway. The Open Pathway separates the continued accreditation process into two components: the Assurance Review and the Quality Initiative.

  • Between Years 5 and 9 of the ten-year cycle, the institution proposes and completes a Quality Initiative. The Assurance Reviews free the Quality Initiative to focus on institutional innovation and improvement. The institution undertakes a Quality Initiative as something it elects to suit its own purposes. Its timeframe is flexible to accommodate the amount of time necessary to complete or make substantial progress toward completion.
  • View Open Pathway Quality Initiative Proposal Process and Panel Review Instructions.

Creighton is scheduled for a 2016-2017 comprehensive review visit.  The Creighton University Quality Initiative Report was submitted  mid-July 2016.

Institutional Application Proposal

HLC Review Team Response

Quality Initiative Report

HLC Acceptance of Quality Initiative Report