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Assurance Argument

Assurance Argument

Rev. Daniel S. Hendrickson, SJ, Ph.D., Interim Provost Thomas F. Murray, Ph.D., the HLC Executive Committee, submitted the University's Assurance Argument and corresponding evidence on Monday, March, 13, 2017.  The Assurance Argument is found below; the campus community is encouraged to review our HLC materials.



Criterion 1 PDF

Criterion 1. Mission

Criterion 2 PDF

Criterion 2. Integrity, Ethical and Responsible Conduct

Criterion 3 PDF

Criterion 3. Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources and Support

Criterion 4 PDF

Criterion 4. Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement

Criterion 5 PDF

Criterion 5. Resources, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

NOTE:  The blue text in the document is NOT a live link rather it indicates it is a live link in the HLC criterion evidence file.