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Alternative Loans

Private Loan Options

Once you’ve exhausted all federal grant, loan and work opportunities along with institutional aid funds, but still do not have the personal resources to pay any remaining balance owed to Creighton, a non-federal private alternative loan may be an option to consider. Loan terms, such as interest rates and loan fees will vary depending upon the lender. These loans are based on the borrower's creditworthiness. They are provided by commercial lenders and are very similar to any other type of non-collateral consumer loan.

Lenders offer different loan programs based upon program of study. Students can borrow up to the cost of education minus other aid. All alternative loans require students to complete a separate application every year.

Compare Loan Programs

You can compare loan programs that Creighton students have used during the past three years. Creighton does not endorse any such loan provider, nor does Creighton have any type of relationship with any lender offering this type of educational loan. Creighton does not participate in any way in determining the creditworthiness of the applicant leading to approval or denial for this type of loan. There are many regional and local lenders who also offer private loans, and Creighton will certify your loan application with any lender you choose.

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