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Grad and Professional Loans

Loan Programs  

There are several loan programs designed for eligible graduate and professional students, including:  

More Loan Information

Federal loans and most private loans are disbursed electronically to your student account at the Business Office. Provided all requirements are met, loan funds generally disburse about three days before classes start each term. If your financial aid exceeds direct costs, the Business Office will refund the balance to you generally within two business days by signing up for direct deposit on the NEST.

If you are seeking information on your past and present loans, visit

The Federal Student Aid Ombudsman works with federal student loan borrowers to resolve loan disputes or problems from an impartial, independent viewpoint. If you have a problem with a federal student loan, you should contact the holder of the loan and try to resolve the problem. If you can't resolve the problem, contact the FSA Ombudsman Group at 877.557.2575.

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