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Healthcare Disparities

About the Program

Creighton University, a Catholic, Jesuit institution is a comprehensive university committed to excellence in its undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs. Creighton’s education is directed to preparing graduates who understand the common good and can lead the promotion of justice. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed in sharp relief the impact of failing to prepare for and respond to broad, unaddressed health inequities and adequate access to care for a growing, underserved population. The new Creighton University Health Sciences (CUHS) Phoenix campus represents a significant opportunity both to provide a values-based, humanistic education to future health providers as well as to transform access and quality of care to a diverse, underserved population. To this end, Creighton University, soon to become the country’s largest Catholic health science educator has established a partnership with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP), a broad-scale, human services organization with a 75-year history in Arizona and a commitment to provide critical services, including access to quality health care for the most vulnerable in the community.

Creighton and SVdP seek a servant-physician to serve as the inaugural Virginia G. Piper Fellow in Health Disparities, who will work to provide high quality health care to uninsured, underserved patients and to decrease healthcare disparities through continued research, training, and teaching at the Piper Medical Clinic at SVdP. This one-year fellowship is designed for providers who wish to develop and contribute to research, teaching and clinical service specifically focused on promoting health equity and to learn more about providing care to this patient population.

The Fellow will gain knowledge and experience in translating the concepts of health equity and health disparities into clinical practice and research. Fellows will learn from experts in the fields of medical education, research, public health, and health care policy. With the support of mentors, coaches and staff, the Fellow will conduct a health equity research project and contribute to the analysis and evaluation of the Piper Medical Clinic at SVdP to demonstrate their achievement of learning objectives and advance the progress of the Piper Medical Clinic at SVdP and the Creighton University School of Medicine collaboration.

Why Health Equity Fellowship?

Health equity is both a foundational and elusive concept. It is foundational, because it speaks to the idea of fairness for individuals and populations in realizing the benefits of public health and health care. It is elusive because advantaged populations receive more and better public health and health care, while less advantaged groups receive less – and live shorter lives, as a result. Fellows seek to bridge the health equity gap and realize better health outcomes for all.


  • Tina Younger, MD
  • John Anwar, MD
  • David Wisinger, MD
  • Randy Richardson, MD
  • Ricardo Correa, MD
  • National Invite Speakers

Fellowship Objectives

  • Healthcare Disparities - Develop comprehensive knowledge of fundamental issues related to health disparities, including racism and inequity of opportunity in the health workforce.
  • Combat Inequity - Study and apply strategic interventions to address inequities in health and health career opportunities that confront organizations, communities, and societies.
  • Form Servant Leaders - Build and leverage individual leadership skills to enhance personal effectiveness leading change in organizations and communities.
  • Create a Network - Catalyze the growth of a regional network of leaders, committed to health equity that will improve health outcomes in Maricopa County.

Curriculum and Research Opportunities

  • Social determinants of health, health equity, and health policy lectures, workshops, and group discussion
  • Implicit bias and theoretical framework introduction during orientation and during the fellowship
  • Longitudinal curriculum through the fellowship
  • Anti-racism and anti-oppression workshops
  • Social justice and equity reading/film and discussion group and racial caucus groups
  • Community organizing and population level advocacy longitudinal training and experiences
  • Myriad clinical, research, and leadership opportunities
  • Advocacy skills at the local and state level


  • Collaboration and teaching opportunities with Creighton School of Medicine-Phoenix and St. Vincent de Paul Piper Medical Clinic
  • Variety of established community partners and other underserved clinics allow fellows to pursue a wide range of clinical interests such as working with patients of unique language and cultural backgrounds
  • Mentored research opportunities and community engagement
  • Enhance Medical Spanish and other languages through work at St. Vincent de Paul Piper Medical Clinic
  • It is also expected that the Fellow will contribute to teaching Health Equity and Disparities to residents and medical students


  • Creighton University School of Medicine
  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center
  • Valleywise Healthcare System

Our Fellows

Anita Chacko

Anita Chacko, MD

Applying for our Fellowship

Program Requirements

  • Fellows must make a minimum 12-month commitment to participate in the fellowship
  • Fellows should complete their training for license (for physicians: a residency, for other healthcare providers: the requirements for that area)
  • The fellowship will be based at the St. Vincent de Paul Piper Medical Clinic and rotate through specialty clinics to build their knowledge on equity and disparities

Applications should be sent to the program director, Ricardo Correa, at

Application Requirements

  • Personal Statement outlining your interest, experience, and career goals and objectives
  • CV
  • Letter of good standing from your residency program director or department chair